Sunday Gnomedays 12-22-19


Blessed Winter Solstice and early Sunday Gnomedays everyone 🌞 (See here for this year’s “Tock the Gnome” holiday drawing, btw!)

May the Light grow steadily and surely within each one of us, as the sun’s light grows from now on, too!!


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Sabbat Sketch – Blessed Yule (Persephone)


Rounding off this year’s focus on Persephone, here safe and warm in the arms of Hades .

Blessed Solstice to you all ~ may your holiday season be bright and smooth, full of gratitude, peace, and the light of sun-returning!


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Coffee Fox and Tea Owl

Roughly 5 by 6 inches or so, ink and colored pencil

So I’ve been slacking off on posting things on here, haven’t I? Whoops. I’ll be correcting that in the upcoming weeks and such.

Starting with this, which I drew for my llove this past Yule. “Coffee Fox and Tea Owl.” More Spirit Fox/Spirit Owl work. And in this, they also get names, finally 🙂