Hey everyone! Remember that contest I entered last year, and happen to delightfully have won?

Well it’s time!


I am so very honored to have contributed to the lovely “Chronicles of Dru,” and especially to have brought Gnomes into that world (Gnomish agenda progressing, muhahaha).

Click here to check out the entire series, and here to check out my story as it’s being illustrated! (More pages to be posted soon, if you’re impatient you can also look for them on dA here and here.)

And thank you, once again, to the lovely Weber sisters. I am truly grateful to have gotten to contribute to your world!


Story by me, “The Chronicles of Dru” © Jaclyn, Emily and Natasha Weber.



Only one more weekend of The Cherry Arts’ “The Snow Queen” this year!

In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, we’re also featuring a coloring book based on the show ❤ It is only available for purchase at the performances, and features 7 new illustrations as well as linework of the design work I did for the puppets and shadow puppets!

Here is the cover image, and two of my favorites of the bonus illustrations:


To see the rest, come check out the show! Only three more performances – Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 2pm and at 7pm. Click here for tickets!

(And obviously no worries if you can’t, but this is perfect holiday magic and I so hope to get to share it with all of you, if I can!


Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that show setup went beautifully (many many many thanks to my amazing wife, and to the bank staff for being patient with me). Here’s some shots, courtesy of my wife again, of the process:

Also, a big hello and welcome to anyone visiting from seeing my work there! Hope you all enjoy these shots of it, and that you come see it in person if you can!


Here’s the official Press Release for “The Snow Queen,” by The Cherry Arts, as I have been mentioning ans posting about already.

And look:

“The creative team for The Snow Queen includes Lisa Boquist (costume coordinator), Emily Goldman, (music director), E.D. Intemann (lighting design), Norm Scott (sound design), and Rachel Terwilliger (illustrations).”

Read the full article here

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cherrysnowqueen_sprites_wm cherry_arts_snow_queen___snow_queen_s_sleigh_by_rachelillustrates-dar2zpm

As of today, the sequel to “Into Darkness: The Zoey Jane Files” – “Free Falling: The Zoey Jane Files” – both by my amazing friend H.M. Barone, is available!



I have been blessed to get to do the cover again 🙂 This story takes Zoey and Killian on a very different path, it seems, from how they look on the first cover…

Like spy stories and romance stories with spirituality and revenge?
Check out both books here!

Zoey Jane, etc. © Heather Barone/H.M. Barone