“Pam Ivy” – a Harlivy ‘Jane Eyre’ AU


“So follow me into the dark
Break up a piece of your heart”

~ “Sway With Me,” Saweetie & GALXARA, “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)”

Here it is. The Harlivy/Jane Eyre AU you never asked for.

Pamela Du-Barry Isley (middle surname from “Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass”) is orphaned in her infancy and adopted by her closest maternal relatives, against their will. In her childhood, she displays unladylike intelligence and a strange affinity for plants and poisons, leading to her relatives to ship her off to Wayne Institution – a very strict charity school, overseen by the abusive Mr. Woodrue.

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Look what’s getting illustrated!

Hey everyone! Remember that contest I entered last year, and happen to delightfully have won?

Well it’s time!


I am so very honored to have contributed to the lovely “Chronicles of Dru,” and especially to have brought Gnomes into that world (Gnomish agenda progressing, muhahaha).

Click here to check out the entire series, and here to check out my story as it’s being illustrated! (More pages to be posted soon, if you’re impatient you can also look for them on dA here and here.)

And thank you, once again, to the lovely Weber sisters. I am truly grateful to have gotten to contribute to your world!


Story by me, “The Chronicles of Dru” © Jaclyn, Emily and Natasha Weber.


Contest entry, “For Fairy Love”

So the lovely DrMistyTang, Zimeta and ratscout have been holding a contest over on deviantART for their very, very fun series, “The Chronicles of Dru.”

(Contest information and all entries here.)

Getting this in nearly at the last second, but I had to join the fun! Below is my story submission and first, some supplemental art for it, including character design and details on how Gnomes are in Dru. As much fun as the story was to write, it was a super fun challenge and an honor to come up with Gnomish design for this world.


Now without further ado…

~ For Fairy Love, a “Chronicles of Dru” tale~

Navaie the Elf Witch left Elf Port well over a decade ago, and had no intention of ever going back.

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Faerie Rings, inspiration, and an older comic

So a few days ago, an interesting thing happened.

I don’t usually see a lot of mushrooms around our home, and I can’t remember ever being blessed with a Faerie Ring nearby any of my living space.

I’ve been getting up earlier on most days, lately, in order to give my Llady rides to work (we were temporarily down to one car), and one day, my extra morning time included two unexpected things.

"Tock the Gnome" dreamscape gown, pencil sketch

Firstly, out of nowhere I was graced with an idea for my graphic novel that I feel really, really solid about.

And secondly, as I pulled back out of the driveway to go to a morning meeting, I noticed a new growth of mushrooms on a pile of mulch near the barn.

Faerie mushrooms, 1

Faerie ring :)

These pictures were taken when I got home, so the sun had taken its toll on them at this point. Earlier in the morning, they were much less droopy and as such, did form a circle. A real Faerie Ring, for the first time I can remember!

(And each morning since, that mulch is even more covered in mushrooms, by the way.)

That having happened, it made the idea I had for “Tock the Gnome” feel even more significant.

If you’re reading the comic, vague spoilers follow!

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