Fell behind a little bit, but here we are! Day 5 will be up later.





"A moment away," pencil sketch

Something that may or may not get finished up in needle felted form someday….

(Oh, by the way, I’ve taken up needle felting! You’ll see more of that soon.)

Sketch, pencil on paper, 5.5 by 7 inches

Something else “Tock the Gnome” related. She’s going to come up, eventually, in the comic. For now, I’m really enjoying developing my take on her.

Sketch, "Hat Adjustments," pencil

Because Victorian Gnomes are the best Gnomes ❤

Sketch, "Gnomish Sorrow," pencil.

Something else done when things were just starting to get challenging earlier this year and I needed to get that out on paper. I am doing much better now, but I still enjoy the flow of this.

Sketch, "Guardian Gnome"

Just something I did for strength when things started getting challenging in my life earlier this year.

Sketch - Dancing Gnome Lady

Drawn a while ago to cheer myself up. Still working on commissions and research for “Tock the Gnome,” but in the meantime, I felt like posting something.