Gnomevember 2018 days 25 and 26

More catchup!


Day 25, “Nemesis” ~~ Also counting for 11/25’s Sunday Gnomedays.

In “Tock the Gnome,” it has been a long time since anyone saw a Troll , but the legends Tock holds so dear feature them often enough.

Always changeable, always wise, always dangerous.

This Gnomish adventurer of the past seems to have stumbled upon a very large one – perhaps they were napping amongst the earth, disguised as a boulder, which she happened to step on? Though the stories would say otherwise, I can’t help but hope they leave each other peacefully 💫


Day 26, “Flight”

Tock-verse Gnomes might not have faerie wings, but who says they can’t build them?

(Featuring the husband of one of the characters shown with Tock in a previous entry, and his apprentice. Can you guess who he married?)

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Gnomevember 2018 days 6 & 7

Catching up ❤ This week has been kicking my butt, so I very much appreciate your patience, and hope you still enjoy these!


Day 6 ~ Prank

The state of the world has been challenging to me (as it has to so many of us lately, I bet), so drawing was a bit more difficult on Tuesday. I had a different idea for this entirely, but I ended up thinking about the idea of cosmic jokes, or cosmic pranks, which led to thoughts about the ‘Powers that Be’ in Tock’s world, and how they push and pull at Tock herself. So here we are.

Featuring the two Gnome goddesses that feature most strongly in her life, Anosmia and Carwen. More about them and the other Gnome gods available on Patreon, btw!


Day 7 ~ Faerie

Tock herself, channeling the fact that Gnomes are faeries too!

This will become relevant in the comic eventually….. and this technically stands for this week’s World Building Wednesday as well, but I haven’t exactly decided how much to reveal in connection with this image (without spoilers, that is!) so that will be up on Patreon later.

(Yesterday’s and today’s hopefully on their way later too!)

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