Finding myself fighting my own negativity and abrasiveness today, and really really wanting Love to come in and take my weapons away.

(Also, this went through several different incarnations in my head before pencil hit paper, and I’m actually very surprised and happy with how it decided to be.)


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Thank you!



Welcome back, beloved sun, beloved Light of our sky and our hearts!

Hope everyone who’s celebrating is having a lovely time, as did I – and may we all set intention well, and shed this year’s negativity, in Love and Light.

(Aaaaaaand as I may have mentioned before – this makes 3 sets of Sabbat Sketches. Which means next year, there will be a coloring book, as promised!

So I got to see “Wonder Woman” today. Holy Hera.

I didn’t agree with every detail, BUT, they did such justice to who she is and were really spot on where it mattered most.

This film is just SO important for so many reasons. Please, everyone go see it.

"Focus," pencil sketch


Something spiritual and “Tock the Gnome” related.

I’ve related myself to badgers for a good long time, now (so there’s a race of Badger People in the Tockverse) and I hold deer as sacred. This came out of a moment of frustration and needing to connect.

Sketch, Persinette and Sumomo

My old WoW toons Persinette (Gnome warrior) and Sumomo (Gnome priest).

I miss gaming.

Sketch, "Guardian Gnome"

Just something I did for strength when things started getting challenging in my life earlier this year.

"Labor of Love," 4x6 inches, ink on paper.

The first of the donation repayment commissions, for this fantastic person, of her original character Tyra (who I’ve drawn before and was very glad to revisit).

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