Sunday Gnomedays 12-11-22 (Happy Holidays from “Tock the Gnome!”)

(Coming to you live from the Little Red Wagon Artisan Market, which is still going on until 5pm today, if you’re interested!)

βœ¨πŸ’š Early happy chosen-festival-of-light-return, everyone!!! πŸ’šβœ¨

This year’s piece being one finished up from last year, at the request of one of my patrons! (HI KATE!!) And that said – anyone who signs up at ANY pledge level this month on my Patreon will get this as a print/card in the mail, as a holiday gift πŸ’• Details here.

This season can be….. a lot, so whatever you are going through, I hope it comes with kindness, self-compassion, and the easiness and steadiness of stone’s survival under snow. May we all continue to create light, together.


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Gnomevember 2022, thirteen (with Sunday Gnomedays!!)

(….well technically the whole month is one big Sunday Gnomedays post. But still.)

Thinking about Story (Tales, the theme, that is) in terms of what we tell ourselves about a thing, or a space, etc. Which brought to mind this quote from “Mori Girls, Children of the Forest” (an article in “The Faerie Handbook”):

“The Mori Girl may in truth actually live in the middle of a busy city, and never have a chance to visit the countryside….. If however, in her deepest heart of hearts, the above descriptions [the idea of the forest lifestyle] sound like what she truly wants to be, then she is indeed a Mori Girl. And perhaps so are you.”

(Information on Mori Kei style here. Mori Kei being the more gender-neutral term, adopted in 2012!)

All of that to say, that got me thinking of imagery as a kind of spellcasting, again. What do we tell ourselves about what a thing means, or represents? What hope does that give us? What Story do we keep telling over and over and over, in the use of – or approach to – something, with that in mind?

That is energy. That is magic. For good, or for ill.

So, a Gnome of the city folk of “Tock the Gnome,” who would very likely never have set foot on the surface, forest or otherwise. And an acorn, and the idea of what that might mean, and hold.

…..Which leads me to “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, but this has already gotten quite diatribey (affectionate) so I am gonna stop there.

More on the Gnomes of “Tock the Gnome” here πŸ„πŸ’•


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Gnomevember 2022, five

Gratitude-y Tock in complete relief and YAY for how well the reception for my show went yesterday!!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and appreciated the whimsy! Special shoutout to my Mom and Dad in-law and my dear friend Heather for many, many frame donations, and of course to my amazing Wife for patience around my show-prep panic! I haven’t shown my work in approximately two years, at least, so it took a LOT for me to really believe that I remember how to do this.

And, of course of course, forever grateful for the fae themselves. Hoping, as always, that this leads to better connection for all who look upon the show (and my work in general!).

Gallery’s up for the rest of the month, if you’re Ithaca NY local, btw πŸ–ΌπŸ’•


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Sunday Gnomedays 6-5-22 (with Tock the Gnome WBW!)

With Sunday Gnomedays and Junefae vibes – time for another patrons-only “Tock the Gnome” world building post, dear readers!

(For the record, we will be bouncing back and forth between this blog and my Tock-specific one for all JuneFae posts this month – I will do my best to reblog appropriately so no one misses anything πŸ’–)


This week, we’re taking a bit more of a streamlined look at when/how airships came into popularity in Gnomish culture.

Full post available here! 🎈


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-29-22

Drawn in a desperatey-panic moment earlier in the week, and so, grateful for the magic and hope it offered! Both then and now – as, on the day of this posting, I am more than likely looking at a challenging day again (graduation season at hotels is SUPER fun, everyone).

Whatever challenges you’re facing, I hope you come through them smoothly, with faith in the Universe too πŸ’«


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