‘Tock the Gnome’ bonus for ‘Gears to Corsets!’


Hey everyone! This exclusive new “Tock the Gnome” piece was finished up specifically for Gears to Corsets, Cortland County Steampunk Festival – which I will be vending at this weekend!

So a) expect some radio silence from me until Monday or Tuesday (including my Etsy shop being closed for the moment). And b) because show prep has kept me very busy this month, and thus delayed some Patreon bonuses, I’ve written up a patron-exclusive short story about this drawing! Available to all my patrons, at any level.

Click here to read it – “Dietary Differences” 🍄

Hope you enjoy ❤ And if you’re in the central NYS area, hope you can stop by the festival! I’ll be there all three days (pushing Tock and Faerie whimsy, as always!).

Brightest blessings, everyone.


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Sunday Gnomedays catchup and a summary of many amazing goings-on!

As it says on the tin ^^; This month has been insanely busy for me, so here’s a massive post about that – firstly, catching up on my Gnomish devotionals.


Sunday Gnomedays 6/16

Delayed by my vending at Salem NY Faerie Fest, which I will speak on below (and which went very well!). Inspired also by that day being Father’s Day, where I live – I imagine this Troll feels fatherly towards the Gnome woman he’s carrying, in the manner of the parents of Troll Maidens (from Wendy and Brian Froud’s “Trolls”). I hope any of you who celebrated had a lovely time together!


Sunday Gnomedays 6/23

Delayed in posting by the local Pride Block Party, hosted by Planned Parenthood ❤  It had been an awesome pride-filled weekend, but a very long one too, so I needed some Tock and Onna smooches (I hope any new “Tock the Gnome” readers from the block party are enjoying the story!).

Now as for how well both of those lovely delaying events went!

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Gnome and Fairy Fest 2016 <3

Hello, and extra big hello and welcome to anyone visiting for the first time, after meeting me yesterday at Ithaca’s first (ever?) Gnome and Fairy Fest!


It was my first time vending at a festival, and my first official day open for business (I’ve been taking commissions for a while, but not frequently, and I’ve never had prints of my personal work available before – so, this was very exciting!). I’m very grateful to have been part of such an important Faerie event, and I feel blessed to have been asked to come.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by – I hope my work resonates with you, and that you look forward to what I have coming! I will be focusing my energies on getting my Etsy shop up (yes, that IS coming) this week. So if you didn’t have a chance to stop by, you’ll still get a chance to check out what I had to offer there.

Also sending love to the other vendors and participants – I didn’t get to see as much of the rest of the festival as I wish I had, but what I did see was lovely, and I hope everyone had an amazing time! And thanks again to all my family and friends that stopped by and/or helped us set up. I am blown away by the support.

An extra shout-out to Amuse, and Kristina there, as they seemed to be the masterminds behind the event (though all of Press Bay Alley was involved and amazing , please check them out if you’re ever in Ithaca!).Also to my incredible wife, who I could not have done this without, and my mother, who stayed with us all day and was instrumental in making the Coloring Page station run smoothly. And huge gratitude to the fae themselves, who held off the rain until the moment we were done packing! (Is that magic or what?)

Can’t wait to see what comes next, and to be there again next year. May this become an Ithaca tradition ❤

Vending at “Gnome and Fairy Fest!”

Hello all : ) So I think a more proper post about my upcoming show (instead of posting vague WIPs on instagram) is in order.
On October 1st, less than two weeks away, I’ll be vending at Press Bay Alley’s Gnome and Fairy Fest, here in Ithaca, NY!

I’m super excited about it, not just because the theme is so close to my heart, but also because doing festivals, and hopefully having an online shop afterward, has been on my radar for a long time. I am very grateful to have been invited to this one.
I’ll be selling prints of my work, specifically the pieces below and a couple other ones I haven’t posted here before.

I also hope to sell some needlefelted items I’m developing, if I have enough of them, that is. More on that, and what they are, later.

The people who run this festival are very community-driven, so their shindigs tend to include lots of activities as well, so each booth is encouraged to have such an attraction as well as their wares. I’ll, therefore, be offering free coloring pages (and pencils to color them with right there at the booth). A couple of those pieces were inkwork already, but mostly I’m including some newly-inked pieces that were only posted as sketches before.

I feel like it promises to be an amazing time. I’ve only been to one Fairy Festival before, and NEVER as a vendor, so I am very honored to get to help bring the Faerie goodness this time – and to my own city, at that! There will be lots of other art and Faerie excitement, a costume contest and a Fairy House building contest too. So if you’re in the Central New York State area, please come check it out!
October 1st, 10am to 5pm. Press Bay Alley, Ithaca, NY!
Hope to see some of you there, and if not, I look forward to sharing pictures and telling you how it went!

Prints Advice Please!

Hi everyone!

So finally, the Universe has provided me the opportunity to have a table at a small local festival – “Gnome & Fairy Fest”Joy ) at Press Bay Alley.

(I guess the Goddess got impatient with me for dragging my feet on getting myself Properly Set Up. And this is perfect. I am so grateful.)

I have never ordered prints of my own work from anywhere before, and I have no idea where to start. Does anyone who sells their own prints (not on Society6/Redbubble/etc.) have any advice on where’s good to order from?

Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks to all ~~<3