As promised. Including this past week’s Sunday Gnomedays and belated Summer Solstice Sabbat Sketch.


Sabbat Sketch – Litha (Persephone), JuneFae sixteen

Blessed (belated) Summer Solstice, everyone. May the bounty of the Lady of Spring and Her Mother carry us into this season of sunlight and the blessings of the harvests!



Prompt – Healing, so here we have a young Gnome maiden learning Unicorn magic and practicing on some withered plants 🙂

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This should have been up yesterday, but the day got away from me. Anyhow ❤ May we all have a month of blessings and blessings of unicorn art! Yay!

"Faerie Support," linework piece, ink on paper


….Not much to say about this one, except that I’m learning how to ask for help.

"Land Stories," pencil sketch

Random thought about Mermaid/Unicorn-maiden friendship.

Sketch, pencil on paper, roughly 5.5 by 8 inches

Something slightly random. I really like this idea, though, and might do more with it later.

"Gratitude," 5x7 inches, pen and a little colored pencil on paper.


Another donation repayment piece, for someone who was way too kind and insisted I not draw anything for them. So I went and stalked their gallery and came up with this anyway 🙂