As it says ❤


“Guardian of the Road,” for my Dad.


“Branch Haven,” for my father-in-law (he who makes all the lovely woodworking for my wife’s shop, btw – ).

Again, happy day to anyone celebrating it!



For my father-in-law this recent Yuletide. Things have been busy busy busy so anyone that got drawings, got lineart ^^;

From yesterday.
Prompt – Gnome Home. 

This one as such because the forest, the Earth, is home to these earth spirits 🙂

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Prompt – Botanical.

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"The Spindle Tree," 4 by 6 inches, colored pencil and ink

Drawn this past Yule for my my father in law, who makes gorgeous spindles for my llady’s shop.

My favorite part is actually those stones in the front ❤

For GnomeCulture on Tumblr (as a gift for her sister-in-law's birthday).

Giving myself a double plus bonus for the Bob Ross reference, thank you.