The pose on the left came after I drew their faces on the right, out of wondering how their heads would end up that close together.


Drawn as a gift for my amazing Aunt/Godmother, partly for her recent birthday but mostly as a thank you for opening her home to us for a fiber festival trip last fall. The title's a translation of her name.

So, in preparation for some of the things coming up in my webcomic, I've randomly started a series of small drawings featuring 5 of my OTP's and 2 of my girlfriend's.

We're starting with these two, of course.

Fandom – "Once Upon a Time"

Ship – Belle/Rumpelstiltskin

That most recent commission for Gnome Culture all finished πŸ™‚

More "Once Upon a Time" Rumbelle goodness, inspired by the finale.

Season 2 now, please.

Another commission for SkysongMA at deviantART, of her original characters Damon and Cathal.

Linework for an amusing recent commission from the fantastic Xenia at Gnome Culture πŸ™‚