Happy Birthday HMB!!

Today just so happens to be the birthday of the amazing H.M. Barone, my dear friend and author of “The Zoey Jane Files” and “Way of the Fist!!”

So, here’s her Blythe Evenstar, of the second series mentioned above.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!! Everybody go send her some love – and of course, the best way to do that is to check out her books!

Sunday Gnomedays 6-26-22

Could not manage whimsy today, dear followers.

Too furious.

Too terrified.

For myself, for my loved ones, for anyone with a uterus. For the rights they’re going to try to take away next.

Like my marriage.

Like contraception.

Like access to hormone replacement therapy.

Like any and all bodily autonomy and privacy.

Here’s some places that could use support, if you’re able:



And here’s how to contact your senator:



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Sunday Gnomedays 6-12-22

(Hope you lot are happy to see LOTS more of Tock herself this JuneFae, since apparently she’s my drawing comfort space, and I seem to be needing a lot of that lately!)

As for today’s – I started a new sketchbook recently πŸ¦‹ And as I’ve mentioned before, I always start a new sketchbook with a drawing just for me, and a quote that both inspires and resonates with where I’m at, at the time.

Full drawing with the quote, and my notes on why I chose it, available here πŸ’–


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Sunday Gnomedays 6-5-22 (with Tock the Gnome WBW!)

With Sunday Gnomedays and Junefae vibes – time for another patrons-only “Tock the Gnome” world building post, dear readers!

(For the record, we will be bouncing back and forth between this blog and my Tock-specific one for all JuneFae posts this month – I will do my best to reblog appropriately so no one misses anything πŸ’–)


This week, we’re taking a bit more of a streamlined look at when/how airships came into popularity in Gnomish culture.

Full post available here! 🎈


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-29-22

Drawn in a desperatey-panic moment earlier in the week, and so, grateful for the magic and hope it offered! Both then and now – as, on the day of this posting, I am more than likely looking at a challenging day again (graduation season at hotels is SUPER fun, everyone).

Whatever challenges you’re facing, I hope you come through them smoothly, with faith in the Universe too πŸ’«


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-22-22

Continuing the theme that’s popped up a couple times on-and-off this past month-and-a-half of “When in doubt, draw Tock looking peaceful with exterior objects of Significance and/or people she loves.”

So today, daisies. Which – as noted before in the dream sequence for her tale – signify innocence, purity, new beginnings, true love, and the keeping of secrets. All things Tock herself heralds, in one way or another! And things I hope will start resonating – constructively (or destructively, if something needs tearing down!) – for all of us, soon.

As always, you can read more about Tock here 🌼


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