dElfcember days 21, 24 and 25

More catchup, and some notes for tomorrow…


Day 21, “Gift”

Featuring Misu and Mariatu of “Tock the Gnome” backstory, and the gift that is their life together after many, many trials.

This drawing also now belonging, appropriately, to my Wife, as part of her own Yule gift šŸ˜Š


Day 24, “Red”

Bringing to my attention that that two other characters from a different part of that backstory have a red color scheme, and it just so happens that one banished the other…. but that’s all something that Tock herself needs to learn about, so šŸ¤«


Day 25, “Totem”

So, an ElfĀ and a symbol of her localĀ forestĀ spirit šŸ¦Œ

This and tomorrow’s prompt will be combined for World Building Wednesday, stay tuned for more ElvenĀ FaerieĀ connection!

Happy holiday, by the way, to everyone celebrating today!

Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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