Sunday Gnomedays catchup and a summary of many amazing goings-on!

As it says on the tin ^^; This month has been insanely busy for me, so here’s a massive post about that – firstly, catching up on my Gnomish devotionals.


Sunday Gnomedays 6/16

Delayed by my vending at Salem NY Faerie Fest, which I will speak on below (and which went very well!). Inspired also by that day being Father’s Day, where I live – I imagine this Troll feels fatherly towards the Gnome woman he’s carrying, in the manner of the parents of Troll Maidens (from Wendy and Brian Froud’s “Trolls”). I hope any of you who celebrated had a lovely time together!


Sunday Gnomedays 6/23

Delayed in posting by the local Pride Block Party, hosted by Planned Parenthood ❤  It had been an awesome pride-filled weekend, but a very long one too, so I needed some Tock and Onna smooches (I hope any new “Tock the Gnome” readers from the block party are enjoying the story!).

Now as for how well both of those lovely delaying events went!

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Fosterson Week sketches

Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

Over on Tumblr this past week was a celebration of Fosterson – the love of Jane Foster and Thor Odinson, from Marvel’s “Thor,” that is.

AU Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

I only managed to get two pencil drawings done – one to start the week (of them as they are in the actual story) and one to end it, for the Alternate Universe day – but I posted my thoughts on them for each day as well. As such, it kind of turned into a study of their relationship, how I view it, which is always fun and important – studying romances I like in order to better my own writing, that is.

Here’s all my commentary, day by day, if you’re interested:

Day 1 – The Moment You Started to Ship Them/Why You Ship Them

Day 2 – Headcanons

Day 3 – Favorite location/scene/conversation/etc.

Day 4 – Natalie and Chris appreciation

Day 5 – Favorite quotes

Day 6 – Kink

Day7 – AU’s