dElfcember days 21, 24 and 25

More catchup, and some notes for tomorrow…


Day 21, “Gift”

Featuring Misu and Mariatu of “Tock the Gnome” backstory, and the gift that is their life together after many, many trials.

This drawing also now belonging, appropriately, to my Wife, as part of her own Yule gift 😊


Day 24, “Red”

Bringing to my attention that that two other characters from a different part of that backstory have a red color scheme, and it just so happens that one banished the other…. but that’s all something that Tock herself needs to learn about, so 🤫


Day 25, “Totem”

So, an Elf and a symbol of her local forest spirit 🦌

This and tomorrow’s prompt will be combined for World Building Wednesday, stay tuned for more Elven Faerie connection!

Happy holiday, by the way, to everyone celebrating today!

Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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Emotional turmoil and a Goldfinch


For whatever reason I am having a difficult time today, and in one of my worse moments this early afternoon, I stepped outside to do some chores, and saw a Goldfinch a LOT closer to our door than usual. I stood and watched for a while, then took some pictures, and have been trying to keep its bright image in my thoughts – in optimism – as the day proceeds.

I also just looked up the totem meanings for it, aaaaaaaand:

If Goldfinch is your Animal Totem;

You are always buoyant and happy in your life. You never go about things quietly but always with exuberance and gusto. You are rarely silent – usually humming or singing a tune to yourself. You have a close connection to nature and a deep understanding of her ways. You live on the edge of the spirit world, the fairy realms and make great animal communicators. You know when to listen to your inner voices.


Not saying that that’s the case for me, of course, but the mention of Faerie always gets my attention. I’ve fallen behind on my Faerie work, so to read this now after seeing the Goldfinch is really reassuring to me. I’ll have to ask for guidance, and look out for more of them around me and my life. And try, as it suggests, to be cheerful.

Brightest blessings, everyone ~<3

(Also, more actual art things later this week. Hard to scan and edit things when in mental health badness. I am grateful for everyone’s patience, always.)