Sunday Gnomedays 5-24-20


Once again and always 💗

Feeling very solid in my connection to the fae today – and though this was drawn a few weeks ago, it’s resonating with me a lot at this moment, as it shares a lot of colors with my rendition of the Great Glyph of the Sidhe.


More on the Great Glyph available in John Matthews’ “The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld.” (Which I highly recommend, it’s been essential to my own Faerie path 🖤)

As scary as things are right now, and as much as some of us are grieving, I hope the day blesses you with Love and peace however you can receive them.

Also, “Tock the Gnome” fans – keep an eye on my sites this evening, for a new page drops at 8pm today!


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-17-20


Time again 💕

This isn’t exactly what I’d hoped it would be, with my creativity levels being impacted by loss and grief and world conditions – BUT, this weekend something monumental happened in the world of all-ages animated television (and something else in adult-oriented animated television too), so I wanted to do what I could to honor that amazingness.

💫💗 I’m so grateful that I got to see what happened happen in my lifetime. 💗💫

Thank you to everyone involved in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (especially the amazing Noelle Stevenson) and everyone involved in DC Universe’s “Harley Quinn” too. We are blessed.

So, on that note, here are two sapphic “Tock the Gnome” style noblewomen being safely and lovely in love. And in case you missed it yesterday, a new page is available now too! Hope you enjoy it, and are this day (and all days) enjoying stories that reflect and empower who you are.


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-10-20 ~ Happy Mother’s Day


As it says 🌺💗🌺

Featuring Tock from “Tock the Gnome” with her mother, Navette Corrigan, in honor of all mothers everywhere!


And nextly, something for my own mother, featuring her beloved Moose (representing her) and a small Gnome (representing me!). The flowers are narcissus, her birth flower (December). Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!!


And lastly, something for my mother-in-law, featuring her beloved bats (including three offscreen to indicate her two birth children and myself). Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!

However/whoever makes up your family, and whatever circumstances are for you and yours right now, I hope you’re feeling loved and full of togetherness.


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Sunday Gnomedays 5-3-20 – Google Gnomes


Google recently re-released (or re-promoted, I thought it had been taken down but I might be wrong) their Gnome Toss game, originally posted June 10th, 2018 in celebration of Garden Gnomes and their original creation in Thuringia, Germany.

Firstly, OH MY HEART YAY IT’S BACK. And secondly, I couldn’t resist drawing my two favorite Gnomes from the game, this time around. Many thanks to Gerben Steenks for designing them, and to everyone who worked on the game!!

Warms this quarantined Gnome’s heart, to get to play it again, for sure 💚

(And if you haven’t played it, click the link above to check it out!! A lot of the design work, for the characters and the world, is posted there too!)


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Sunday Gnomedays 4-26-20


Featuring Tock of “Tock the Gnome,” and an important message!

“Remember Your Sovereignty.” By which I don’t mean that we’re all literal royalty. I mean sovereignty in the sense that we are all in charge of ourselves, and able to – allowed to – love and care for ourselves. 

A LOT of external stuff is going on that we have no control over, and I know in my case I don’t really have control over all my internal stuff, either. My depression and destructive/obsessive thoughts have been running a gauntlet all over my head at random moments, lately. I can’t stop those thoughts from starting – BUT, I can choose where I put my energy in response. I can choose what to try to believe. About myself, about the world in general. Everything.

So for me, that means:

🌼 Doing kind things for myself, and trying to think of myself kindly.

🌼 Choosing the kind, optimistic option whenever I can.

🌼 Letting myself work on projects that are important to me – AND honoring commitments I’ve taken, as best I can.

🌼 If I fail at any of that, forgiving myself as quickly as I can and trying again the next day.

🌼 Letting myself be imperfect.

🌼 Remembering (as best I can) that my sovereignty – my divinity – comes from my connection to the Universe (we are all made of star stuff), that I am worthy and Loved, no matter what’s going on.

And by doing that, I get to bring that Love to others and encourage them to recognize their own sovereignty. The brighter we shine, the more light we shine on others. You know?

Sending you all much, much Love and wishes for self care. We’re in this together. And you’re awesome. If you can’t believe that yourself, please believe that I believe it. 


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Sunday Gnomedays 4-19-20


Once again ⛰

This one absolutely inspired by and drawn amongst my notes from some of the wonderful Changeling Artist Collective‘s Changeling Con panels I attended this weekend. Special shoutouts to my friends Maegan Cook and Jill Hoffman for making me aware it was going on, the whole collective for putting it on in the first place, and Amanda Makepeace (also of Earth Ritual Art) for her Friday night panel that really resonated with me.

As for this Gnome – she seems to harken back to the ancient past of the “Tock the Gnome” Queendom, thus being an ancestor of Queen Arella and her progeny, Queen Adamine (who is currently in power). More on them and more backstory always available on my Patreon.


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