Sunday Gnomedays 2-23-29


Needed some color this week (also wanted to see what I could do with the materials at hand, which included a ballpoint pen, highlighters and Tombo mono correction tape).

Given to a friend of mine who was having a challenging day. We all need extra magic sometimes, even if we’re inherently magic ourselves 🌈

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Sunday Gnomedays 2-16-20


Something a bit random, but I’m pleased with it, especially the motion in her arms.

Let’s all have a day of star-filled bubbles, shall we?

Stay tuned later for an extra (overdue) Sunday Gnomedays post. Aaaaaaand a note for “Tock the Gnome” fans – more WIP on the next page will be up on Patreon later today! Hope you take a look 💚


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Sunday Gnomedays 11-18-18 and Gnomevember catchup!

With these, I am all caught up again! Thanks for your patience. Please enjoy 🙂


Day 15, “Heroic”

I’ve mentioned before in some of the “Tock the Gnome” Patreon bonuses that these Gnomes, especially the upper classes, are noticeably binary gender-stratified (and that’s starting to get a bit worse in Tock’s time).

As it is in our world, it is SO important that we be allies to each other, and speak up when we see injustice.


Day 16, “History”

…, a little bit of Gnomish angst. More about this to be revealed in the future 🤫


Sunday Gnomedays 11-18-18/Day 17, “Cave”

Featuring more of our mushroom farmer from day 5 – though I wonder why she’s heading into that strange light, dressed in her finery and an officer’s coat ……(fun fact: Tock has one of those too. She inherited it from her paternal grandfather. Perhaps this lady got hers in a similar fashion?).


Day 18, “Astronomical”

Went with something simple but I am super charmed by it (aaaaaaaand with this, I am caught up! Yay yay!).

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