Gnomevember 2021 day 8

Today’s prompt being “Soldier!” So, Tock’s grandfather, who served in the Gnomish military during Arella’s daughter Feodora’s reign. That cone he’s holding under his left arm is the Gnomish helmet, the cap on his head is their non-combat uniform. And yes, we’ve seen that coat before.

Her father’s family, including this strapping gentleman, are inventors – so, on a world building note, his having been in the military means that the Gnomes do conscript their citizens into soldierhood as the Crown deems necessary. It is assumed and accepted that this has always been the case, but the royal archives only have record of such conscriptions from Queen Arella’s time onward. Hmmmm….


Full prompt list here πŸ„ (Inspired by Qdnox and Hitorikart‘s Orctober lists! Used with permission.)


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