Look what’s getting illustrated!

Hey everyone! Remember that contest I entered last year, and happen to delightfully have won?

Well it’s time!


I am so very honored to have contributed to the lovely “Chronicles of Dru,” and especially to have brought Gnomes into that world (Gnomish agenda progressing, muhahaha).

Click here to check out the entire series, and here to check out my story as it’s being illustrated! (More pages to be posted soon, if you’re impatient you can also look for them on dA here and here.)

And thank you, once again, to the lovely Weber sisters. I am truly grateful to have gotten to contribute to your world!


Story by me, “The Chronicles of Dru” © Jaclyn, Emily and Natasha Weber.



The Snow Queen approacheth…

As it says, I’ve been busy at work on designs for The Cherry ‘s “The Snow Queen” lately, and since they gave me such a lovely shoutout on the page for this year’s show, I thought I should share again the work they had me do last year!

I’m so very pleased and honored that they’re having me back, not only to use these designs again, but to push the magic even further! I’ll share what I can of that when I can, but for now I hope you enjoy revisiting these – AND if you’re in the central NYS area, please click here to get tickets to the show!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Don’t worry, today’s Gnomevember will be posted shortly.