Time again ~ Inspired very much by my own experiences this week, but I feel like they would approve.

Featuring two views because she demanded an altar-y presentation.

(And the first person to make a Bowie reference gets a double high five.)



Happy Gnomish-celebration-time again, everyone!

Something a little different struck me this week…. Featuring Queen Arella from “Tock the Gnome.”

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More about Arella here.

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With “Tock the Gnome” this week, as I haven’t been able to work on her story very much these last few days.

Also still thinking lots about the comic in terms of my service to Faerie, sooooo Tock gets a cairn.


Time again, and hope its a good one for everyone!

(Back to our regularly scheduled Gnomish goodness after the rigor of Gnomevember!) Featuring Carwen, Gnome goddess of love from “Tock the Gnome.”

Psst! You can learn more about her through some of the bonus posts on Patreon….


Prompt – Fashion.

Featuring a backstory character from “Tock the Gnome” – can you guess who she is?

Only one more left to go, my goodness!


Looks like it’s time! I will be participating casually, since its going to be a very busy month, but hopefully that will mean a good handful of ocean lady drawings anyway!

And to start, we had to have Misu, from to world of my comic “Tock the Gnome” – (and see more of her specifically here ).

Personal work, about a very important anniversary of mine, today. 
4 years now.

I am ever surprised and grateful.

(Also, gorgeous shawl by my amazing wife, who I can hardly believe is still here with me. I am very, very blessed.)