Sunday Gnomedays 5-1-22 – Blessed Beltane!!

Hail to the earth and hail to the fire
Hail to the sea and the rain
Hail to the air and hail to the spirits
Hail to all life on Beltane

Blessed day of Love and spring Union, everyone (but especially my fellow witchy folk πŸ’Ÿ And especially the fae, in their infinite wisdom – and of course, blessed Samhain instead to my friends in the southern hemisphere!!).

With it having been (or continuing to be) a challenging time, had to bring some self-indulgent Tock and Onna in for the holiday, with flower symbolism also seen in their dream sequence.

May our day be filled with blessings, whimsy, and hope – wherever we are, whatever we’re going through. And thank you *all* for following my work.


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Sunday Gnomedays 3-27-22

/almostkiss πŸ’•

This is actually an older sketch, and I believe I posted it on Patreon a whiiiiiiile back, but it came back up in my stratosphere yesterday and I wanted to share it further.

(….I’m not saying I was checking it in reference for an upcoming scene, but I’m not not saying I was checking it in reference for an upcoming scene. So πŸ€«πŸ’•)

More on Tock and Onna here anytime ❀


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Fanart Friday – “Dear, Gentle Readers…”

Happy new season of “Bridgerton” daaaaaaaay!!! *swoon*

I have recently become obsessed and had to draw this in-between commissions and “Tock the Gnome” work this week. With a nod to the amazing Undressing Bridgerton podcast by Felicia Day and Tom Lenk πŸ’ Thank you for an amazing recap of season 1 (cannot waaaaaait to hear what you have to say about season 2!).

Fun note! Penelope has cedar blossoms and borage flowers in her hair for strength and bluntness, and her teacup bears yellow carnations, for disdain.

(I cannot believe the reveal at the end of the last episode, and whatever happens with her, I am here πŸ‘ for πŸ‘ it πŸ‘ For the record, I do NOT stand by what a certain character did to another certain character in episode 6 of season 1, and I wish the creators and the writer of the books had made VERY different choices. But I am now very invested in several other characters, and thusly, plan to keep watching. Especially for our dear Penelope. And Colin. ….. *smooshes their faces together*)

And as we all watch the new, enjoy and take care, dear, gentle readers!


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