‘Tock the Gnome’ bonus for ‘Gears to Corsets!’


Hey everyone! This exclusive new “Tock the Gnome” piece was finished up specifically for Gears to Corsets, Cortland County Steampunk Festival – which I will be vending at this weekend!

So a) expect some radio silence from me until Monday or Tuesday (including my Etsy shop being closed for the moment). And b) because show prep has kept me very busy this month, and thus delayed some Patreon bonuses, I’ve written up a patron-exclusive short story about this drawing! Available to all my patrons, at any level.

Click here to read it – “Dietary Differences” 🍄

Hope you enjoy ❤ And if you’re in the central NYS area, hope you can stop by the festival! I’ll be there all three days (pushing Tock and Faerie whimsy, as always!).

Brightest blessings, everyone.


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Catchup – FFW 7, Sunday Gnomedays, notes with a Tock <3

Greetings, everyone ❤

I haven’t been up to posting much this week, due to personal things and prep for vending at Ithacon, so here’s some things that “should” have already been posted.

(Friendly reminder, “shoulding” on oneself is never helpful and I do not endorse it! But I am grateful for your patience.)


Drew this very faerie Tock for self care, and posted it on Instagram yesterday to make note that I have still been creating, though my plans for what I’m bringing to the con had had to be adjusted. I had hoped to have “Tock the Gnome” issue two finished, but there’s not going to be enough time for me to do that well and have it there on time, so that has been changed to Preorder status instead! More on that, and what bonuses will come in the issue, soon.

I will be bringing my existing work and some new prints though, including Prints for Pam-a-Lamb – which are available now, with all proceeds going to the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Fairy Fae Week 7/Sunday Gnomedays 3-10-19


Aaaaaand catching up (and finishing!) the Fairy Fae Week challenge! Day 7, Romance/Forgotten (how could I not pick the Seelie side again, writing what I do?). So here’s “Tock the Gnome”s Princess Bartelbia, recently revealed in Patreon bonus material, with a love letter!

And one more thing:

“Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday 35 – The Orc and Brogh conflict, two stories….


Curious about why the Orcs and the Brogh think they’ve been warring forever?

Full post available here!

Thanks again for your patience, and hope you look forward to what’s to come! More on con prep and Tock progress soon.


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Vending at “Gnome and Fairy Fest!”

Hello all : ) So I think a more proper post about my upcoming show (instead of posting vague WIPs on instagram) is in order.
On October 1st, less than two weeks away, I’ll be vending at Press Bay Alley’s Gnome and Fairy Fest, here in Ithaca, NY!

I’m super excited about it, not just because the theme is so close to my heart, but also because doing festivals, and hopefully having an online shop afterward, has been on my radar for a long time. I am very grateful to have been invited to this one.
I’ll be selling prints of my work, specifically the pieces below and a couple other ones I haven’t posted here before.

I also hope to sell some needlefelted items I’m developing, if I have enough of them, that is. More on that, and what they are, later.

The people who run this festival are very community-driven, so their shindigs tend to include lots of activities as well, so each booth is encouraged to have such an attraction as well as their wares. I’ll, therefore, be offering free coloring pages (and pencils to color them with right there at the booth). A couple of those pieces were inkwork already, but mostly I’m including some newly-inked pieces that were only posted as sketches before.

I feel like it promises to be an amazing time. I’ve only been to one Fairy Festival before, and NEVER as a vendor, so I am very honored to get to help bring the Faerie goodness this time – and to my own city, at that! There will be lots of other art and Faerie excitement, a costume contest and a Fairy House building contest too. So if you’re in the Central New York State area, please come check it out!
October 1st, 10am to 5pm. Press Bay Alley, Ithaca, NY!
Hope to see some of you there, and if not, I look forward to sharing pictures and telling you how it went!