Sunday Gnomedays 8-30-20


Time again 💜

Also, I turn 36 today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my age, now officially being on the “wrong side of 35,” as Jane Austen would say. I know a lot of mainstream society or whatnot would tell me that I’m supposed to have outgrown the things that interest me, that light my soul.

The kind of work that I do.

BUT – if to be grown up is to abandon all wonder at and belief in the magic of the world, I pray I never do. And I hope, no matter where you fall on the scale of what’s “grown up” or what isn’t, my work brings a moment of that whimsy and delight into your day. 

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl – That magic exists in ALL of us. But it’s UP to us to recognize it.

Please believe, as much as you can.


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Junefae 2020 the twenty-ninth


A peaceful Troll, proud of their wings, though tattered and tested. We have all been through so much, and should be proud of what we have survived 🖤

This and all Trolls of this month’s challenge are dedicated to Shop Troll, btw, who I mentioned earlier specifically (but I feel like all Trolls send him good energy, always!). He is among many friends who I will miss seeing this cancelled/postponed festival season – I’m grateful we’re all taking precautions, BUT in the meantime – sending so much love to everyone at New York Faerie Fest, Faerydale & Friends Faerie Fest, etc etc etc. May we all reunite in Faerie love and Faerie trust as soon as it’s safe to be together.


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Sunday Gnomedays 4-26-20


Featuring Tock of “Tock the Gnome,” and an important message!

“Remember Your Sovereignty.” By which I don’t mean that we’re all literal royalty. I mean sovereignty in the sense that we are all in charge of ourselves, and able to – allowed to – love and care for ourselves. 

A LOT of external stuff is going on that we have no control over, and I know in my case I don’t really have control over all my internal stuff, either. My depression and destructive/obsessive thoughts have been running a gauntlet all over my head at random moments, lately. I can’t stop those thoughts from starting – BUT, I can choose where I put my energy in response. I can choose what to try to believe. About myself, about the world in general. Everything.

So for me, that means:

🌼 Doing kind things for myself, and trying to think of myself kindly.

🌼 Choosing the kind, optimistic option whenever I can.

🌼 Letting myself work on projects that are important to me – AND honoring commitments I’ve taken, as best I can.

🌼 If I fail at any of that, forgiving myself as quickly as I can and trying again the next day.

🌼 Letting myself be imperfect.

🌼 Remembering (as best I can) that my sovereignty – my divinity – comes from my connection to the Universe (we are all made of star stuff), that I am worthy and Loved, no matter what’s going on.

And by doing that, I get to bring that Love to others and encourage them to recognize their own sovereignty. The brighter we shine, the more light we shine on others. You know?

Sending you all much, much Love and wishes for self care. We’re in this together. And you’re awesome. If you can’t believe that yourself, please believe that I believe it. 


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Sunday Gnomedays 4-5-20


This one appears to be an exercise in contradictions….. which is how life has felt in general lately, tbh. Hanging in there with ferocity and aggressive intention of self care and self love.

(Which I’m not doing perfectly at all right now. But trying helps.)

I hope she helps you, too, if you’re in a similar space.


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Sunday Gnomedays 3-15-20


Happy Sunday Gnomedays, once again 💗

I started drawing this about a week and a half ago (I think?) – things weren’t quite as scary yet, then, but with my own recent struggles I guess I was grasping for some positivity and self care, which now feels extra-super appropriate.

I am honestly really worried. I feel like I probably don’t have to be as worried as I am, but the fear is still there. Two art work events that I was depending on revenue from have been cancelled, and hours at my day job are being cut because that job is in an industry impacted by travel cancellations. I’m not really sure how we’re going to make ends meet.

But I do know this WILL blow over, eventually. And I do believe that there are forces in my life that care about my well-being and want me to be on this planet. That’s not to say that terrible things aren’t gonna happen to me (I don’t live in a shiny protective bubble, after all) but if I lean on that belief, I will have a LOT better chance of getting through this. Positively. This too shall pass.

And in the meantime, we all do have each other. We can still reach out, even if it’s not in person, and support each other however we’re able.

I hope we are all as kind to each other as possible, every day, but especially today.

And if you can afford to financially contribute to the life of a creative person – whether that be by purchasing something from their shop, pledging on Patreon, buying them a coffee, etc. etc. etc. – PLEASE do. So many of us have been hit with event cancellations and probably other job issues too, and could really use the help.

Thank you 🌻

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“Tock the Gnome” page update here (in case you missed it yesterday!).

WIP on the next page here.


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Sunday Gnomedays3-8-20 – and a show announcement!


Happy Sunday Gnomedays everyone! ❤

And speaking of visible positive Gnomish art (the whole reason I do this devotional), here’s an announcement: I’m part of the Ithaca Illustrator’s Guild, and we’re having a show at the Grayhaven Motel this month!


The opening was this past Friday, and went very lovely. I was lucky enough to get to choose where I hung my work, so – since we’re in the room where they also set up breakfast for the guests – I chose to hang my pieces right above the breakfast nook, in case someone needs some body positivity with their morning meal!

If you’re in Ithaca NY, or nearby, please come check it out! Viewable now through the end of the month.

More Sunday Gnomedays here.


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