Sabbat Sketches – Imbolc (Persephone)


Almost late, but Blessed Imbolc everyone 🌱🍃🌹

I wanted a break from doing fae-cultural specific Sabbat Sketches, so this year we’ll be focusing on Queen Persephone (who I’ve been blessedly drawn to lately) and Her cycle through the seasons with Her husband Hades and Her mother Demeter! I feel like it’s going to be a challenge, but I am quite excited and very pleased with this first drawing.

As for their cycle together, I believe right now that the King and Queen of the Underworld are enjoying one last sabbat together below, before Persephone returns to the world above, when spring fully blooms. 💗


Gnomevember 2017 day 14

Prompt – Botanical 🌹

(In which a vague idea about a Gnome woman surrounded by roses led to me wondering about rose seeds, which led to this more abstract concept of a Gnome woman IN the earth, dreaming up the roses that will come from the seeds she guards. Yes.)

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