From “The Power of the Dark Crystal,” which is easily one of the best comics I’ve read in a long long time.

If I had all the time I wanted for fanart, this would definitely be getting finished up with ink and color. But as it is, I do really enjoy the pencils (and color editing to make it brown gave it a nice effect, I think).

Saluna and Chal, Jen and Kira, and Kensho and Thurma.

Thank you, everyone who’s worked on “The Dark Crystal,” for such beautiful stories and such worthy and inspiring loves. I adore the world of Thra so much and I feel like I learn more and more with each new piece of its history we get to see!

And again, if you haven’t checked out “The Power of the Dark Crystal,” please do! Click here for the Comixology page, or head over to your local comic shop! Go go!


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Thank you!



Soooooo tomorrow is going to be a day of posting about my next show (YAY), so here’s this for today – one of two new pieces being featured in it, actually.

In a moment of needing to experience more of Dr. Jaclyn Weber’s world of Dwal (see here) I finally, FINALLY got around to reading her and GrimReapette‘s story “KINGS,” which takes place in part there.

And it is delicious.

Click here to start reading, and click here to start the illustrations! (They go together, so I definitely recommend keeping the two tabs open and reading/viewing them accordingly!)

Many thanks once again to both these lovely ladies for such a wonderful tale of love and adventure. And please check out their work, they are as fabulous on their own as this story shows they are together.

So the lovely DrMistyTang, Zimeta and ratscout have been holding a contest over on deviantART for their very, very fun series, “The Chronicles of Dru.”

(Contest information and all entries here.)

Getting this in nearly at the last second, but I had to join the fun! Below is my story submission and first, some supplemental art for it, including character design and details on how Gnomes are in Dru. As much fun as the story was to write, it was a super fun challenge and an honor to come up with Gnomish design for this world.


Now without further ado…

~ For Fairy Love, a “Chronicles of Dru” tale~

Navaie the Elf Witch left Elf Port well over a decade ago, and had no intention of ever going back.


As of today, the sequel to “Into Darkness: The Zoey Jane Files” – “Free Falling: The Zoey Jane Files” – both by my amazing friend H.M. Barone, is available!



I have been blessed to get to do the cover again 🙂 This story takes Zoey and Killian on a very different path, it seems, from how they look on the first cover…

Like spy stories and romance stories with spirituality and revenge?
Check out both books here!

Zoey Jane, etc. © Heather Barone/H.M. Barone

WIP, "Undra Min"Another piece I’ve been working on bit bit bit for a while, personal project of extreme fangirling.

Last year I read Larissa Brown’s “Beautiful Wreck,” an amazing viking time travel romance (no, really) and I. Am. In. Love. Such a great story with such well-written characters and strong lady characters, in particular, and an amazing, rich, obviously devoted and loving portrayal of the Viking world. I started drawing this right away and have taken a good long while to get to the inkwork. Posting it now with the author’s permission (couldn’t resist showing her first, a while ago).

If you like romance, time travel, Vikings, strong women, or any combinations of those, I HIGHLY recommend this book. It’s just amazing.

More about the book hereInterview with the author hereRead an except here

Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

Over on Tumblr this past week was a celebration of Fosterson – the love of Jane Foster and Thor Odinson, from Marvel’s “Thor,” that is.

AU Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

I only managed to get two pencil drawings done – one to start the week (of them as they are in the actual story) and one to end it, for the Alternate Universe day – but I posted my thoughts on them for each day as well. As such, it kind of turned into a study of their relationship, how I view it, which is always fun and important – studying romances I like in order to better my own writing, that is.

Here’s all my commentary, day by day, if you’re interested:

Day 1 – The Moment You Started to Ship Them/Why You Ship Them

Day 2 – Headcanons

Day 3 – Favorite location/scene/conversation/etc.

Day 4 – Natalie and Chris appreciation

Day 5 – Favorite quotes

Day 6 – Kink

Day7 – AU’s

"BB and J," art by Rachel Marsh, characters by DC comics.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone 🙂

Art of Jinx and Beast Boy, for my llady, as part of her anniversary gift last month (the rest you will not be seeing, as I used it to propose to her with. She said yes ❤ ).