“Prints for Pam-a-Lamb,” a call for submissions!

Attention all artists – my dear friend Jen Goodsell and I are running a charity print project, and we would like your help.


Prompted by the unfair treatment of yet another queer character and queer relationship in a recent DC Comics event, we have created our own event in honor of the LGBTQIA+ characters who have been silenced throughout years of comic storytelling.

Representation matters. Obviously, in comics, safety is never a guarantee. Characters die all the time. But to kill off one of the only prominent, visibly queer characters in that universe, and have her girlfriend be one of the prime suspects, feels very much like a slap in the face. I can’t help believing that the impact and treatment of this situation would be far different if the characters had been a straight-presenting couple. A little bit of attention was given to Harley mourning Ivy, but I feel like much more weight would have been given to the characters’ relationship if it had been Bruce suspected of killing Selina, or Clark suspected of killing Lois, etc. As it is, it simply feels like a cheap ‘wow’ factor played to get attention and remove an “obstacle” to any assumptions of heterosexuality.

So, in honor of Pamela Lillian Isley and all other characters like her, and loves like hers that have been silenced before, we are running a charity print event!

Here’s the plan:

~ Event title: Prints for Pam-a-Lamb. Please use #printsforpamalamb when promoting.

~ All proceeds to the National LGBTQ Task Force.

~ Pieces due by March 1st, with the event to launch that day. Content is up to the artist, as long as it’s LGBTQIA+-related. Nods or direct references to the characters in question are very welcome.

~ Prints should be available for sale through the end of May, shipping in early April.

~ Each artist will handle their own sales, shipping and getting their share of the donation money to the Task Force. That’s very easy to do – there’s a donation link right on their website. IF you’re unable to handle printing, shipping or managing the donation yourself, let me know, though. I will happily handle that for you through my own site, if you’d still like to participate.

Please contact either me or Jen if you’d like to sign up, you can message me here or email me directly at rachelillustrates@yahoo.com. Same with any questions.

Thanks so much for any interest and/or good vibes in the project’s direction!


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Call for donations – with repayment in art!

My fiancee and I are having some rather significant financial troubles right now, so I’m sending out a request for donations (with “repayment” of each donation in art).

As those of you who’ve followed me for a while know, winter is an especially tough season for us, and this year its gotten even worse than expected. We’re unable to meet any of our bills, including our heat and rent. This also means that I don’t have money for art supplies, and I’m nearly out of most of what I use.

So, if you choose to donate, you’ll get artwork in return (as well as my undying gratitude) as soon as I have enough to purchase new supplies.

Art request guidelines per donation amounts are as follows:

Donations up to 5 dollars – a 5×7 inch pencil sketch of one character:

Sketch example, one character    Sketch example, one character

Donations up to 10 dollars – a 5×7 pencil sketch of two characters:

Sketch example, two characters   Sketch example, two characters

Donations up to 17 dollars -a 5×7 linework of one character:

Linework example, one character  Linework example, one character

Donations up to 25 dollars – a 5×7 linework of two characters:

Linework example, two characters  Linework example, two characters  Linework example, two characters

Donations up to 35 dollars – a 5×7 linework of one or two characters with one or two colors:

Linework with color example Linework with color example  Linework with color example  Linework with color example

Donations up to 45 dollars – a 5×7 fully colored piece of one or two characters, with a minimal background, OR a 5×7 linework piece of 3 to 5 characters with one or two colors.

Full color, minimal background example  Full color, minimal background example  Full color, minimal background

Any donations above that – a fully colored piece of your choice of size (up to 9×12 inches) and number of characters, with a fully detailed background, OR multiple pieces of art in full color or linework (depending on the amount of the donation).

Full color, detailed backgroung   Full color, full backgroung   Full color, full backgrounf   Full color, full background

All donations must be made in advance before I start the work, and I will begin work on linework and color repayments as soon as I have enough to purchase new ink and nibs for my pens (sketch repayments will begin right away, since I still have pencils, at least).

If you choose to donate, you’ll get a large scan of the finished piece sent to you by e-mail. If you’d like the original copy, I can do that, but may need you to also pay for the shipping and packaging.

If you’re able to help out, please send any donation amount to my Paypal at rachelillustrates@yahoo.com. Once you’ve sent that, please then e-mail me at the same address with your art request, according to the list above.

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates, from the bottom of my heart. And thanks, as always, to all of you for keeping an eye on my work.