Blessed time again, everyone 💗 

Something joyful from a hopeful moment yesterday. Hope everyone is starting to feel springtime in their hearts!


Again 🙂

Personal work, about a very important anniversary of mine, today. 
4 years now.

I am ever surprised and grateful.

(Also, gorgeous shawl by my amazing wife, who I can hardly believe is still here with me. I am very, very blessed.)


So earlier this year I started working with Hathor (the Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, and creation) as one of my Patron Goddesses.

She actually Called me MANY years ago, before I was able to answer such a direct spiritual communion. I feel blessed that She has waited for me so patiently and I’m happy to be working with Her now.

As to how/what She relates (to) in my life, She seems to be governing my sobriety and my recent veganism.

** Trigger warning for under the cut – addiction, body image negativity, and rape. **



Personal work. Dedicated to all the lives lost to addiction.

Quote from Tori Amos, “1,000 Oceans.”


Okay, considering that I advertise this as a Faerie Faith website, I should probably talk some about my own experiences with Faerie.

I haven’t had anything like they say in the stories – actually getting pulled between the worlds, or seeing little maidens with bright butterfly wings, etc. But I have felt their presence in my life, more and more as I have come to accept my belief in them. Here is some of how that has happened for me.



Today marks a special anniversary for me, and I won’t go into detail, but I will say that 3 years ago I surrendered to my powerlessness and began living spiritually, in a truly honest way, for the first time ever (and of course, a part of that is my work with Faerie).

So to celebrate, here’s Tock, Onna and Bumble (from my comic Tock the Gnome) in a slightly more Faerie way (since they’re technically faeries themselves, already).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. Please be careful if you’re out and about, and remember that the richness of Irish culture isn’t just about drinking.