And happy Sunday Gnomedays too! 

Prompt – Gnomify (a character), so here’s a “Tock the Gnome” style Rapunzel, with a small cairn tower to boot! Also, her Mother Gothel is a Troll.

(And to see how that could come to be, keep an eye on my comic! Link is in the sidebar on your right.)



A belated Rapunzel sketch for “Tangled”s 5 year anniversary last week πŸ™‚

Also goes with some meta I wrote about her on Tumblr.

"Rapunzel Fae," pencil sketch

Sometimes you just need to get stuff out.

Sketch, pencil on paper, 5.5 by 7 inches

Something else “Tock the Gnome” related. She’s going to come up, eventually, in the comic. For now, I’m really enjoying developing my take on her.

Sketch - Eugene, Rapunzel and lanterns

I’m fairly certain I posted this even more unfinished a while back, but it occurred to me that I made some changes and added things, so here it is again.

My take on Eugene and Rapunzel from “Tangled,” sticking a little closer to the original fairy tale.

So my llovely girlfriend of mine and I disagreed with the haircut they gave Rapunzel at the end of Disney's "Tangled." Not as a plot device necessarily, I just think they should have given her something better and something that actually made sense with how Eugene cut it.

After a google search of short haircuts, we picked one out that we liked better and I planned on drawing her with it instead someday. A little while ago I rewatched the movie (again) and finally got around to it.

This has also sparked a kind of AU in my head, where despite his rescue of Rapunzel, Eugene still ends up sentenced to death. So Rapunzel returns to the tower, takes back her chopped off hair, and uses it as a weapon again as she returns to the castle to rescue him. Then they run off into the sunset and lead the Pub Thugs as a bandit Princess and Prince. The end.

Because Disney needs more gay.