Soooo here’s a young Misu from “Tock the Gnome” already involved in lesson planning for her classes, and feeling quite superior about it.

(Day 1 Rachel – “This is going to be fun, we should probably try to not make everything Tock-related though.”)

(Day 2 Rachel – fails already.)


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One more post for The Cherry Arts’ “The Snow Queen”

The Wicked Sprite who truly causes all the mischief! He is another of the shadow puppets, and in designing him I tried to pull in some of the same design elements from the Battle Sprites they had me do last year:

And in a less-spritely scene, we had a backdrop of a line of suitors looking to charm a certain princess….


Finally, two houses, as the story starts with! These were the last thing I was asked to do, and I think they came out pretty well (my fellow Ithacans may recognize some of the architecture!).


Today’s the last day, everyone, so if you’re local please come check it out!

And again, so grateful and blessed to have been on this show. Here’s to even more magic and whimsy next season!


Prompt – Faerie Tale  ❤

(….What I had in mind for today was actually a lot more ambitious, but reality did not agree. Still, finding this really calming instead, and “Tock the Gnome” fans might recognize something!)

Full prompt list in the Shop/Contact tab above – we’re almost halfway there, everyone!

AND Happy Sunday Gnomedays too!

Time again 🙂 Also, this one feels weirdly connected to Gnomevember day 25 to me…..

NOTE! My original plan was to try and post one piece a day up til opening night….but that’s now tomorrow! So plan adjustment time. Here’s the final design set, and likely a reminder and more info will be posted tomorrow

So (as mentioned before) I have been blessed enough to get to do some design work for a local production of “The Snow Queen” by The Cherry Arts Many many many thanks to my friend Scott Hitz, of Pupphitz, for bringing me on. I’m extra excited and very grateful, in part, because this is among the fairy tales dearest to my heart.

Not to give away what they’re going to be used for, but here’s two more somethings from it

Information available here at The Cherry Arts’ website, as well as here and hereon Facebook, @thecherryarts on Instagram and Snapchat, and @CherryArtSpace on Twitter.

Full press release available here, too!

And all posts for this project here

"Meet You at the Moon," commission

“Meet You at the Moon,” in watercolor, ink, and colored pencil, commissioned by a friend of mine as a gift for her daughter.

Lyrics from “Meet You at the Moon” by Imelda May.

Inspired by DC's upcoming reboot of pretty much everything, including Wonder Woman, and this post about how people seem to think that the "princess thing" is bad for little girls (in terms of Rapunzel, and Princess Leia).

Also based on the redesign of Wonder Woman that I did for my final project in Women's Studies while I was in college.