Sunday Gnomedays 8-4-19

Happy belated Sunday Gnomedays everyone (Wednesday Gnomedays?). Here’s two from my trip this weekend, for my brother’s fiancee’s bridal shower.
Everything at the event was lovely (hence the second, more general Gnome), and after rest I managed another based on something that’s happening for “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday later today (hence the first, obviously Tock-related Gnome – the creative brain never stops working 😅).
Please enjoy, thanks for your patience, and see you for some more on those fruits this afternoon! ….Pooka not included.


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Pen drawing – Leanan Sidhe


Something I forgot to post a while ago ^^;

So now, for Throwback Thursday – an Elf/Leanan Sidhe I drew a while back (based on a photo of my own body that I wasn’t very fond of, actually. I ended up drawing this to try and help myself feel better about it. And it worked!). I was reminded about it recently due to this amazing post on Tumblr.

I imagine she’s listening for her next creative to devour inspire ❤


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Noraen and Noraen’aka


My Llove and I recently got back into WoW, and as her Draenei hunter Noraen, she did the oodles of questlines that include “A Lashtail Hatchling.” In which you bond with said adorable Hatchling. And then she is cruelly taken away from you.

Apparently there is a dungeon quest down the line in which you get to rescue her, but its more than a few levels from where you lose her. So I drew this for my Llove to cheer her up and give her hope and motivation in the meantime.

Mean game writers.