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Still devoted to the fae, no matter what others say

Obviously my Gnomevember posts and Sunday Gnomedays are delayed (more on that at my Instagram) – but I need to have some words about something else going on in the broader Spiritual community.

Though this seems to have happened a while ago, a very popular New Age teacher/writer who I’d learned a LOT from in my early experiences with Faerie has shifted their spiritual focus drastically – and is now literally demonizing many of the things they taught before. Things which helped me, very much, in developing my own spirituality.

I respect that they feel differently now – everyone’s path is different – but I can’t help but feel a bit hurt and confused that this person is now calling all these helpful, loving practices, and anything other than their newly-embraced religion, “evil” and “demonic.”

All I can say, for myself, is that I know in my heart that the fae are not demons – Faerie is not “hell,” and nothing in my experiences with these spirits has ever, ever indicated that they’re evil or intend anyone harm. There are darker aspects, of course – as there are in everything – but whenever I’ve chosen not to engage with anything from that space, those spirits have equally and respectfully let me pass. And from the forces that I do choose to engage with, I have felt nothing but calm, loving support. Always. 

I still value and will use what I have learned from this person, because in MY experience, they were true and helpful to me and still are true and helpful to me.

I hope anyone who’s also reeling from this person’s shift can look within themselves and stay true to their own path, no matter what they’re saying. No matter what anyone else is saying. Your truth is your truth – never let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Stay strong and beautiful, everyone.

A bit more on my previous Faerie experiences here. 

(And on another note, while doing some self-care Faerie faith browsing, it came to my attention that the term “Faerie faith” is also associated with a specific religion that I’m not a part of. As not to step on any toes, I will be taking that term off my banner as soon as I can, replacing it with “Faerie devotional.” Thanks for your patience, everyone!)

Gnomevember catchup! Days 10, 11 and 12

(Including Sunday Gnomedays on day 10, of course!)


Day 10, Hades – Sunday Gnomedays 11-10-19

Hades – Aidoneus – the Unseen One. With His invisibility helmet, the asphodel of the fields of (part of) the Underworld, and His trusted guardian Cerberus of course! Couldn’t resist making him a floofy Irish wolfhound and based on the Cu Sith of Scottish Faerie lore. That just felt rather fitting.


Day 11, King Trumpet Mushroom

Something about the shape of these makes me feel calmly happy, soooooo we get a dancey Gnome equally pleased about them!


Day 12, Pansies

…not much to say on that, other than yay for more soothing floral art!


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Sunday Gnomedays 9-8-19


Happy Sunday Gnomedays to you all! Anybody else really ready for Fall? 🍁🍂💀🍂🍁

Featuring my Gnomish version of Persephone in all her Underworld-Queenly glory, because the reveal at the end of last night’s “Lore Olympus” was very inspiring 💗 The flowers are statice by the way, standing for remembrance, sympathy and success.


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Sabbat Sketches – Samhain (Persephone)


Brightest wishes for peace and connection to the Spirits and out ancestors, everyone. May the Light of the Lord and Lady of that Darkness guide us there 💀💗🌹👻💕

Also, Orctober is complete!! Click the link to see all 31, and a collaboration bonus.

(Aaaaaaaand Gnomevember begins today! Postings for that will begin later ❤ )

Previous Sabbat Sketches here.


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