Scarlet Vision Appreciation Day 2019 <3


Happy Scarlet Vision Appreciation Day!!! ūüíĖ

Something new and quick to celebrate (since I honestly didn’t realize it was happening already, oops and yay!).

Thanks to everyone at Marvel, both in comics and the MCU, who have brought us this gorgeous, perfect couple.


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SVE2018, Meditation Practice

I was lucky enough to get to sign up for¬†the Scarlet Vision Exchange¬†this year, and this is my gift for¬†artemisgeria on Tumblr. One of her prompts was Wanda and Vision interacting with Doctor Strange, MCU-verse, and I was immediately inspired to do something about Wanda’s mystical training (I so very hope they go this route in future movies. You know, once they fix the Snap damage. Hint hint nudge nudge Marvel).¬†
So here’s Strange, visiting the Avengers Compound to train Wanda in the arts, specifically¬†meditation for focusing her powers.¬†Vision tags along out of curiosity, and thus our witch finds herself distracted.¬†I imagine Strange banned Vision from participating after this¬†‚̧¬†¬†¬†¬†
Thank you again, Carrie, for the opportunity¬†to draw this scene! I’ve drawn Wanda and Vision before, but getting them specifically MCU-accurate was very fun, and getting to draw Doctor Strange was a very welcome challenge. Really really hope you love it!


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WIP and coloring page – “It Works”


This is demanding finishing up regardless of anything/everything else I have going on.

Aaaaaaand since the linework is so pretty, I figured I’d make a coloring page out of it! Please enjoy and tag me ( @rachelillustrates or #rachelillustrates ) if you use it ‚̧

Also, in addition to being OBSESSED with these two now (I’m fine. Don’t send help) I highly suggest “Celestial Bodies” by AnontheNullifier if you’re in need of a less catastrophic AU of their development. It’s delicious and perfect.

Shot of the pencilwork here.


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Sketch/WIP – It Works


SAW INFINITY WARRRRRRR Рno spoilers here, just shipping. I am still dying inside though.

I am behind on MerMay, and I am truly going to do my best to channel my fangirling-angst into my original work, BUT I had to draw these gorgeous idiots before I can get back to anything else responsible.

Aaaaaaand to anyone else recovering from seeing it – be kind to yourselves, and remember that crying is normal.


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Sketch – Serenity Glomps


Some quick sketching work from yesterday (this probably took me about half an hour, in between googling for reference images. Sooooo many little details!). I was having trouble getting working, and so, Sailor Moon fanart to the rescue – Crystal Tokyo style!

I imagine Usagi takes advantage of any and all surprise-glomping opportunities, especially where her Mamo-chan is concerned, no matter how queenly she’s supposed to be ‚̧

Work on “Tock the Gnome,” commissions and show prep resuming as you read this.


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Twelve Days of DC catchup

I seem to have fallen behind!

So here we have the rest, together.







In order: Silver Swan, Icemaiden (in the wrong costume, whoops!), Golden Glider, Creeper, Pied Piper, and last but not least – the object of Beast’s Boy’s earlier yearnings – Jinx!

Hope you all enjoyed these! Lots of characters I hadn’t heard of before, despite my fangirling, so I’m happy to have learned something ūüôā

And if you’re celebrating today, have a joyous holiday!

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