Welcome Spring! May She arrive soon, in peace and blessings for all.



As the title says. Welcome, Spring ❤


The Goddess Ostara, for a freind of mine on deviantART, Forgot to post this when I finished this last year, so my apologies. I’m happy to say this was a super fun challenge. She’s not a Goddess I’m very familiar with, despite there being a Sabbat named for her, so exploring her imagery more was really rewarding.

And since I’m posting this as her holiday approached (…ish), come on, Spring ❤

Image now © :FuzzyNecromancer, art © Rachel Terwilliger.


Wishing you a Blessed and Fruitful Spring Equinox ❤

(And featuring a Badger Woman and Gnomish Persephone in the style of Tock the Gnome, of course.)