Welcome Spring! May She arrive soon, in peace and blessings for all.


(The year of Orcish sabbat sketches begins!)

~ Welcome, Spring. Welcome, Maiden. Wake up soon. ~

Also, because I somehow missed posting the Gnomish Imbolc AND Yule ones here (sorry!), here’s all of the Gnome ones from last year.


More bonus art and information available over at the Tock the Gnome Patreon page!

This time featuring pencil work on the new site header, a bonus illustration with prose about something special Onna has within her (be curious!) and a comicy sketch of Tock talking about one of her ex’s.

If you like Tock story so far, please consider contributing! All support is appreciated ~~~<3


A new page of “Tock the Gnome” is now up for reading!

Thanks for your patience, readers.

“Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” is about a Gnome woman named Tock, who lives in a Steampunk culture in a high fantasy world. Driven by a Fairy Tale about a trapped Elven princess on a floating island, she convinces her friend Bumble – an airship pilot – to join her quest to rescue her. They hire extra firepower from unfamiliar lands, and together they seek the island and the princess. But what they seek may not be quite what they expected…

WARNINGS: Will contain lesbian romance, size-positivity, Faerie, conundrums and tomfoolery.

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My Orc Shaman from WoW, who’s named after an old alt of mine and is quickly becoming my main, I think.

I imagine she was raised by Tauren and is only recently connecting with her blood folk. She is fun.

wpid-20151027_141943.jpgThus ends Orctober ❤

Hope to do this again next year. And maybe make Gnomevember a thing then too.

All Orctober posts!

Pencil sketch, Lukasanya, Orc shaman

Happy Orctober everyone ❤

My Llady and I have gotten back into WoW, and of course, I’ve started another toon instead of returning to one of my existing ones full-time. She exists on an RP server so I got to flesh out her backstory even more than usual (yay).