JuneFae 2018 twenty four


Aaaaand that’s it (not counting two bonuses – today’s new Tock page and “Tock is Pride,” of course).

Drawn at New York Faerie Fest this afternoon (and posting in place of my previous plan, which is a gift that hasn’t been given yet, so shhhhh).
So grateful to end this month with such a beautiful day there.


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“Tock the Gnome” page update, and small announcement!

"Tock the Gnome" page 63 promo

Page 63 of “Tock the Gnome” is now up for reading 🙂

Also, this Saturday I will be at New York Faerie Fest! Not vending or anything, just visiting. Its an amazing event here in Central NYS and one of the few places I feel completely open about my Faerie faith. If you live in the area, I hope you check it out. And if you do, I hope you look for a short, round Gnome woman in browns, greens, and blues!

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