Prompt – Mushroom mushroom!

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Time again ❤

Inspired by my own concern for the environment and desperation for positivity. Featuring Kimmer, goddess of soil and all plant life, both tame and wild, from my comic “Tock the Gnome.”


As I mentioned before, I’ve had another spiritually-reassuring experience with these lovely birds recently, so I finished up this old pencil drawing in their honor 

Really hoping to get stickers made of this, someday.


Drawn for my mother, for her birthday early this last December.

…..she loves her mooses.


For my father-in-law this recent Yuletide. Things have been busy busy busy so anyone that got drawings, got lineart ^^;

Prompt – Birds.

Prompt – Snow Day.
Doing my best to catch up by tomorrow, which is the last day :/ Full prompt list linked in the Shop/Contact tab above.

From yesterday.
Prompt – Gnome Home. 

This one as such because the forest, the Earth, is home to these earth spirits 🙂

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