Soooooo tomorrow is going to be a day of posting about my next show (YAY), so here’s this for today – one of two new pieces being featured in it, actually.

In a moment of needing to experience more of Dr. Jaclyn Weber’s world of Dwal (see here) I finally, FINALLY got around to reading her and GrimReapette‘s story “KINGS,” which takes place in part there.

And it is delicious.

Click here to start reading, and click here to start the illustrations! (They go together, so I definitely recommend keeping the two tabs open and reading/viewing them accordingly!)

Many thanks once again to both these lovely ladies for such a wonderful tale of love and adventure. And please check out their work, they are as fabulous on their own as this story shows they are together.


WIP, "Lock Around My Heart," ink drawking on paper

A piece of fanart I’ve been sloooooowly working on/picking at/etc. since MistyTang finished her wonderful comic “A Woman of Dust” back in March.
Couldn’t resist drawing Chara and Eirlys. Hoping to finish this up with a little color work eventually too.

Characters © MistyTang. Art by me.