Kilpatrick’s Public House that is, the only Irish Pub here in Ithaca NY!

A while ago I was asked to do this, and I am very grateful that it’s finally worked out (and that they were on board with me drawing oodles of Irish faeries)! This drawing is very much in service to them – I hope that anyone looking at this or coloring it as they wait for their meal thinks about the fae, and the richness of Irish culture.

From the top left, counter-clockwise:




Looks like it’s time! I will be participating casually, since its going to be a very busy month, but hopefully that will mean a good handful of ocean lady drawings anyway!

And to start, we had to have Misu, from to world of my comic “Tock the Gnome” – (and see more of her specifically here ).

"Sea Turtle Faerie," pencil sketch


Gonna be uploading some more sketchwork and things as I work on commissions. Starting this this, because sea turtle mermaids are yay ❤

Needlefelted Mermaid and ray

More needle felting 😀 A mermaid with a ray/skate, for my mermaid-enthusiast llove, this past Valentine’s Day.

Close up:

Needlefelted Mermaid and ray, close up


So very much fun ❤

"Everlasting Waters," about 6 or 7 inches by 8 inches, ink and colored pencil

Misu and Mariatu, updated for the Tockverse. Drawn for my llove for our anniversary in January. 10 years together, now ❤

"Land Stories," pencil sketch

Random thought about Mermaid/Unicorn-maiden friendship.

Sea turtle mermaid, first sketch


Sea turtle mermaid, second sketch

Because sea turtles are awesome, and so are mermaids, so why not?