Sunday Gnomedays 5-1-22 – Blessed Beltane!!

Hail to the earth and hail to the fire
Hail to the sea and the rain
Hail to the air and hail to the spirits
Hail to all life on Beltane

Blessed day of Love and spring Union, everyone (but especially my fellow witchy folk πŸ’Ÿ And especially the fae, in their infinite wisdom – and of course, blessed Samhain instead to my friends in the southern hemisphere!!).

With it having been (or continuing to be) a challenging time, had to bring some self-indulgent Tock and Onna in for the holiday, with flower symbolism also seen in their dream sequence.

May our day be filled with blessings, whimsy, and hope – wherever we are, whatever we’re going through. And thank you *all* for following my work.


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Commish – Clem ❀ Sue

Posting in a timely manner for Fanart Friday too, as this is for MustLoveFrogs, of her sweetly sapphic characters Clem and Piggy Sue from her series “When We Fly.”

To say it was a delight to draw them would be a massive understatement πŸ’–


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Sunday Gnomedays 3-27-22

/almostkiss πŸ’•

This is actually an older sketch, and I believe I posted it on Patreon a whiiiiiiile back, but it came back up in my stratosphere yesterday and I wanted to share it further.

(….I’m not saying I was checking it in reference for an upcoming scene, but I’m not not saying I was checking it in reference for an upcoming scene. So πŸ€«πŸ’•)

More on Tock and Onna here anytime ❀


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Faebruary 2022 the sixteenth AND seventeenth (“Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday too!)

After a bit of a delay due to technical issues πŸ˜…

Day 16!! From PadawanArt‘s “Ice” and PhoenixFeathersArt‘s “Unseelie” and “Dark fae” – which means for this week’s World Building Wednesday, it’s time to look at a certain faerie tale set in Tock’s realm, and the implications therein on that people’s culture, magic, etc.

Full post here β„πŸ’•

Day 17!! From PadawanArt‘s list, “Royal.”

So, the Husbands Sprizzenfritz again – Bumble’s brother Ruggels, and his husband Alecs (all from my comic “Tock the Gnome” as well), putting paper crowns on their usual pointed Gnomish caps. Though the wearing of pointed caps in Tockverse Gnome culture indicates a wealthy/noble status and/or the attending of a significant social event, to include a crown at the base of one specifically indicates royalty. Only the Queen and her immediate family are permitted to wear them – spouse/consort and children.

Also, I have my own reasons for choosing these two to play with that idea, BUT suffice it to say that for Tock, their romantic relationship is the Ideal of what romance could and should be – what she wants for herself, and what such a love could manifest in her life, impacting the lives of others – so to her, that means they’re royalty of the heart πŸ’—


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Faebruary 2022 the ninth (“Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday too!)

Day 9!! Today’s prompt being “Mushroom,” from both HitorikArt and PhoenixFeathersArt – and, with Hen-of-the-Wood mushrooms (Maitake) looking like bouquets, as I’ve noted before, using that to segue into today’s World Building Wednesday post on the Brogh and romance!!

Full post and extra bonus art here πŸ¦‘πŸ’•

(Also honestly hoping that this hits a Faerie-gold kind of note, with the natural forms of the mushrumps and the treasure Strahl there is holding out to Arella!)


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Gnomevember 2021 day 28 (Sunday Gnomedays!)

Today’s prompt being “Coffee break!”

This is absolutely semi-canon for “Tock the Gnome” (as in I’m not sure if this is exactly where they’ll end up, but it might be). Tock and Onna are in the Gnome lands, on a train – Onna has been hired as muscle for a trip full of dignitaries, and Tock’s gone along with her, determined to turn it into a working date. As luck would have it, something in the engine breaks down, and Tock is there to fix it (fancy gown or no!). Afterward they rest, having some coffee that’s been “borrowed” from Bumble (which he would have taught Onna to make, Actia having taught him).

You can read more of their specifically canon adventures here! Including the comic proper, which is also available across several platforms.


Full prompt list here πŸ„ (Inspired by Qdnox and Hitorikart‘s Orctober lists! Used with permission.)


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Orctober 2021 day 10 (Sunday Gnomedays 10-9-21)

Today’s from both Qdnox and Hitorikart again – “The Tusk Fairy” and “Partners.”

So, Onna and Tock once more! πŸ’—

(Romantic partners, and partners in the restoration of their realm, that is! Bumble still counts as partner in crime.)

And as often as I draw Tock manifesting wings, I don’t know if I’ve ever done that for Onna! Very grateful to have gotten to, now.


Previous Orctober drawings here (this year’s theme – Stones)

Prompt list from qdnox πŸ’š

Prompt list from hitorikart βš”


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Promo – ‘Tock the Gnome’ WBW 142 (JuneFae/Pride 2021 – Tock and Onna)

Time for another “Tock the Gnome” world building post, dear readers!

This week, in honor of this last day of Pride Month (and thusly, the last day of this drawing series!), we’re looking at character building work for the sweethearts of our story, Tock and Onna πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸ’—

Click here for the full post! (with two bonus illustrations, too!)

(And hope you enjoyed all the art! Remember to keep up on the comic and bonus tales to see their stories unfold ❀ )


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