Fanart – KINGS


Soooooo tomorrow is going to be a day of posting about my next show (YAY), so here’s this for today – one of two new pieces being featured in it, actually.

In a moment of needing to experience more of Dr. Jaclyn Weber’s world of Dwal (see here) I finally, FINALLY got around to reading her and GrimReapette‘s story “KINGS,” which takes place in part there.

And it is delicious.

Click here to start reading, and click here to start the illustrations! (They go together, so I definitely recommend keeping the two tabs open and reading/viewing them accordingly!)

Many thanks once again to both these lovely ladies for such a wonderful tale of love and adventure. And please check out their work, they are as fabulous on their own as this story shows they are together.


Twelve Days of DC – Poison Ivy


So the lovely Jen Goodsell over on Insta set a new sketch prompt for the Twelve Days of Christmas – Twelve Days of DC, with a prompt list that starts with Poison Ivy.

…..I may not celebrate Christmas, but how could I resist?

I also think the idea is for them to be more holiday themed, which I will attempt for the rest of them. But my own concern for the environment – and Ivy’s concern, of course – won out for this one. So we get her seriousness and her power.

Hope you all enjoy these as I finish up other projects! ❤


Faerie Gnome


Cross-posted from Tock the Gnome.

I’ve been doing a very slow read/study of Brian Froud’s books over the last few years, and recently finished his famous work with Alan Lee,, “Faeries.” I enjoyed it very much, of course, but the quote above comes from a page near the back of the book – and it, of course, struck me hard. The information preceding it seems to imply that they’re talking about archeological finds in which tiny humanoid skeletons were discovered, but they identifed them as Gnomes and decided that for the purposes of their book, they do not exist.

What? No. Nope. No no no.

So here is Tock, in defiance. I still adore and respect both Misters Froud and Lee, but strongly disagree with them. Tock, and other Gnomes, will ever be important in my Faerie work. And from and even more personal standpoint, I feel that Gnomes are True :heart:

Art © Rachel Terwilliger. Quote © Froud and Lee.

About the Blog section

Hi all! It was suggested to me recently, by a good friend on Plurk, that I use the blog part of this site to talk more about the process of making my art, what inspires me, etc. So from now on, I will be trying to update this section more often (like every couple of weeks or so) with information along those lines.

What you can look forward to, therefore:

~ Stories/info about what’s inspiring my art at any given time, as mentioned above. This will include some parts of my personal life, like my spirituality (as that’s getting more important to me), as well as outside influences, like music or shows I’m into or books I’m writing.

~ News about projects I am currently working on (example – I may be making a webcomic for “Crossed Genres” magazine soon!).

~ Features of some of my work that is not included in the “Portfolio” section here.

~ Features of other artist’s work 🙂

I’ll also be changing the theme for this, as I’ve grown tired of this one, and rearranging the Pages so there’s one specifically about Commissions I’ve done and how to commission me for new work.

That’s all for now, as I’m going to work on the theme problem now. Thanks so much for taking a look, and I hope you come back to see more!


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