SVE2018, Meditation Practice

I was lucky enough to get to sign up for the Scarlet Vision Exchange this year, and this is my gift for artemisgeria on Tumblr. One of her prompts was Wanda and Vision interacting with Doctor Strange, MCU-verse, and I was immediately inspired to do something about Wanda’s mystical training (I so very hope they go this route in future movies. You know, once they fix the Snap damage. Hint hint nudge nudge Marvel). 
So here’s Strange, visiting the Avengers Compound to train Wanda in the arts, specifically meditation for focusing her powers. Vision tags along out of curiosity, and thus our witch finds herself distracted. I imagine Strange banned Vision from participating after this ❤    
Thank you again, Carrie, for the opportunity to draw this scene! I’ve drawn Wanda and Vision before, but getting them specifically MCU-accurate was very fun, and getting to draw Doctor Strange was a very welcome challenge. Really really hope you love it!


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Commission – Zoey Jane, Milan Courtship


Announcing the pre-release of H.M. Barone‘s next book “The Zoey Jane Files: Milan Courtship.”

(As you can see, I was blessed to get to do the cover again 😀 )

Its available for preorder here (along with the first two books in the series), official release date of October 1st! Also, she’s offering a special discount coupon for the first 6 months of its publication, just enter VH75H when ordering.

If you like spy stories, romance, action and adventure with some humor and mystery thrown in too, please go check them out. They are so fun.

Thoughts on our Beloved Clown Princess, Harley/Ivy vs. Harley/Joker, in terms of “Suicide Squad”


I try really hard not to fangirl too much on my art sites, other than posting fanart. But I saw Suicide Squad this weekend, and of course I have many many thoughts.

(Don’t worry, mostly positive ones. Like 95% positive.)

**And spoilers follow, very much so.**

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