Announcing the pre-release of H.M. Barone‘s next book “The Zoey Jane Files: Milan Courtship.”

(As you can see, I was blessed to get to do the cover again 😀 )

Its available for preorder here (along with the first two books in the series), official release date of October 1st! Also, she’s offering a special discount coupon for the first 6 months of its publication, just enter VH75H when ordering.

If you like spy stories, romance, action and adventure with some humor and mystery thrown in too, please go check them out. They are so fun.



I try really hard not to fangirl too much on my art sites, other than posting fanart. But I saw Suicide Squad this weekend, and of course I have many many thoughts.

(Don’t worry, mostly positive ones. Like 95% positive.)

**And spoilers follow, very much so.**



A gift for a friend, to match another one I did for her a long time ago 🙂 Very tiny drawing, maybe 2 by 2 inches, if that.

(Drawing small things is fun.)


(Really, really wanted to call this “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.” But that’s all sorts of copyrighted.)

My half of an art trade with Turquoise-Cheshire at dA– their Gnome Frost Mage Ziti, my Gnome Warlock Knutara. Not sure where this idea came from, but once it appeared, I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for your patience, Elly! It was very fun to draw your Ziti.


An extra big birthday shoutout to my dear friend H.M. Barone, author of “The Zoey Jane Files” which I am blessed to illustrate.

Here are her Zoey and Killian, being more cutesy and schmoopy than they usually get to.


For the amazing Ramavatarama, of his character Isobel Lisbon from his story “Lo Kalis.”

(Go check him out he is the bessssssssst.)


A series promo image for my friend H. M. Barone’s “The Zoey Jane Files,” to which I’ve been blessed enough to do the covers for as well. Since the series is a spy romance, though, I’ve only gotten to draw Zoey and Killian before, so it was exciting to get to draw the whole team.

From left to right: Jax Banderas, Briarious Donovan, Zoey Jane McGlynn, Killian Murphy, and Garrick Jacobs.

To read the first book, “Into Darkness,” click here.

To read the second book, “Free Falling,” click here.

And to read even more about the world and the characters, click here.