Half commentary on traditional-culture Gnomish gender stratification, half ridiculous whimsy !
Also, Dude Gnome is inspired by a cute pin I got from a local gift shop. You can visit them here –

And also also, this was not my first Gnome drawing this week. I was inspired otherwise, but got excited and posted that on my Instagram early.


“Persephone and the Dark Heart”

Lots of unexpected Persephone energy around me this weekend, so here She is again, in devotion. Someone who follows me elsewhere asked what She was holding, and I explained its a dark heart – and realized I believe She cares for such things. Those dark and damaged souls.

Grateful to find that this had meaning even beyond what I intended ❤

So, extra Happy Sunday Gnomedays again! Hope you’re all enjoying these, and see you next week!



~** Sunday Gnomedays time again! **~

Shoutout to #google for the idea. Their April Fool’s project yesterday was perfection.

In case you missed it, here’s the page – – Hopefully they leave it up ❤


(Really, really wanted to call this “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.” But that’s all sorts of copyrighted.)

My half of an art trade with Turquoise-Cheshire at dA– their Gnome Frost Mage Ziti, my Gnome Warlock Knutara. Not sure where this idea came from, but once it appeared, I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for your patience, Elly! It was very fun to draw your Ziti.

So I work in a hotel as my day job, and normally I try not to talk much about that on here, but I have a fun story to share:

A few nights ago, some guests checked in that are here for the whole weekend. It was a grown man and his elderly parents – I helped them with their luggage, but in the process I missed seeing his father as I took their luggage up to the room. While I was up there helping his mother get situated, he and his father parked the car and came back up, knocking on the door instead of using their key. I stepped over to open it, and upon seeing me, he delightedly asked if I was their Room Gnome.

Seeing as I am who I am, and he meant it so kindly and happily, I was delighted too. And of course, they’re getting art (and snacks) throughout the weekend, compliments of their Room Gnome.



Commission for VersusMe101 on deviantART, of his lovely Gnomish lady Judeli, having a wardrobe issue that I am all too familiar with ^^;

Some more old unfinished work, this time with WoW humor.

I imagine many of my Gnome toons would find the Mechagnomes unsettling. Except Knuffig, who apparently thinks they're hilarious.

That most recent commission for Gnome Culture all finished 🙂