“Tock the Gnome” WBW 24, dElfcember 17


(I have been heavily bitten by the Krampus bug this year, especially on the actual day of this prompt, so I couldn’t resist!)

Prompt – Dwarf Goat.

As for World Building Wednesday, we’re talking this week about Elven moralism and the spirits that might step in to teach lessons!

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Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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Twelve Days of DC catchup

I seem to have fallen behind!

So here we have the rest, together.







In order: Silver Swan, Icemaiden (in the wrong costume, whoops!), Golden Glider, Creeper, Pied Piper, and last but not least – the object of Beast’s Boy’s earlier yearnings – Jinx!

Hope you all enjoyed these! Lots of characters I hadn’t heard of before, despite my fangirling, so I’m happy to have learned something 🙂

And if you’re celebrating today, have a joyous holiday!

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