Sunday Gnomedays 9-27-20

A Gnome of Middle-earth has tea with a good Hobbit friend.

Time again, with a very casual mention of something I’m working on…..🧡

In-between other projects and life demands, I have been intensely taken by some Tolkien inspiration – namely, the fact that in his early drafts of the tale of Beren and Lúthien, he referred to the kind of Elves (not men) that Beren came from as Gnomes.


What he meant in using the term was to indicate a thirst for knowledge, so as more people misunderstood that and assumed he meant something like Garden Gnomes, he chose to drop it and call them the Noldor instead.


Here I am.

In this day and age.

To reclaim this idea – to wonder about and construct a reality of Middle-earth that included Gnomes, as we know them!

“Gnomish Noldor of Middle-earth,” or G.N.o.M.E., will explore the history of the Noldor from their birth as Elves and transformation into Gnomes, to their fall from the Valar’s grace (thaaaaaanks Morgoth and Fëanor) as well as their journey back into Middle-earth, their nature afterwards and the bloodlines impacted.

I’ve had this idea for a while, ever since I got a copy of “Beren & Lúthien” years ago (and drew about it once before), but it’s only started coming together (seriously, like a calling) these past couple of months. Gnomevember is coming up soon (💚) so I am hoping to do a lot of drawing work toward it as part of this month’s challenge, but I don’t want to force or rush it, so we’ll see.

Still, consider this a soft-launch announcement of my work on the project, and I hope you look forward to it as much as I’m enjoying this exploration!


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Gnomevember 2019 day 30 – Sunday Gnomedays 12-1-19


Belatedly, but counting now for Sunday Gnomedays too – Day 30!! Dianthus flowers – the flower of the Gods, symbolizing fascination, distinction and love.

I feel like she’s both offering her hand to us, inviting us to recognize our own inner divinity, AND asking that from us as an offering. And what finer offering can we give the Gods or the fae than that? 💗

By the way: challenge COMPLETE!! 🙌💕 Hope you all enjoyed my submissions – later this month, they will be available all together, properly scanned and arranged in booklet form.

Congrats to all that completed the challenge!! See you next year!


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Gnomevember days 28 and 29

Belated due to the holiday yesterday. Hope anyone who celebrated had a great day of feasting!


Day 28, Chelone, or “Turtlehead” flowers

Aptly named.

I feel like this guy is a guardian just like the one on day 22, but much more relaxed.


Day 29, Beech Mushrooms

They are so lovely and adorable, I had to draw them being treasured!

🌟 Only one more to go, everyone! 🌟 and don’t forget about my Indie Friday/Black Friday sale, going on until midnight on Monday! Click here for details


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Gnomevember catchup, days 23 to 27

💚🍄 Almost there, everybody! 🍄💚


Day 23, Common Sage

Or salvia – which put me in the mind of my old character Gazit, Unicorn-aligned priestess and healer.


Day 24/Sunday Gnomedays 11-24-19, Hermes! 

God of travel, luck and commerce (among other things), messenger of the Gods, He who guides departed souls to the Underworld ❤

I’d been looking forward to this one.


Day 25, Chanterelle Mushrooms 

Another excellent literal hat moment, and a character who I feel comes with a story, though I don’t know it yet.


Day 26, Cosmos Flowers

Which put me in the mind of the flowers I usually draw casually on pen or pencil drawings, and came out really calmingly.


Day 27, Oyster Mushrooms (and “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday!)

Prompted by this prompt, this week over on my patreon we’re looking at how the Gnomes of Tock’s world use mushrooms for trade.

Click here for the full post!

Aaaaaaand that means: 🙌 caught up!! 🙌 ….for now.

Previous Gnomevember posts here.

Full prompt list here.


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Gnomevember catchup! Days 10, 11 and 12

(Including Sunday Gnomedays on day 10, of course!)


Day 10, Hades – Sunday Gnomedays 11-10-19

Hades – Aidoneus – the Unseen One. With His invisibility helmet, the asphodel of the fields of (part of) the Underworld, and His trusted guardian Cerberus of course! Couldn’t resist making him a floofy Irish wolfhound and based on the Cu Sith of Scottish Faerie lore. That just felt rather fitting.


Day 11, King Trumpet Mushroom

Something about the shape of these makes me feel calmly happy, soooooo we get a dancey Gnome equally pleased about them!


Day 12, Pansies

…not much to say on that, other than yay for more soothing floral art!


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Gnomevember 2019 day 9

(And also pre-Sunday Gnomedays since that will likely be late, see below.)


Amaranthus flowers!

As noted above, today’s drawing will be up later due to scheduling conflicts vs. art time :/ Please check out my Instagram stories to see some WIP shots, if you want! Those will likely be up this evening, after 8pm or so.

Thanks for your patience, hope you’re enjoying my entries so far!

Full prompt list here.

Previous Gnomevember pieces here.


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Gnomevember 2019 day 7


Dahlia flowers – featuring the tragic Queen Arella from “Tock the Gnome” backstory (and the shadow of her tragic love behind her. Had to sneak a badger into this challenge somehow 👍).

Also, apologies for this one being a little blurry, the space I was in had a light that flickered very slightly and I didn’t realize it had impacted the picture until it was too late! This piece will be properly scanned (like all the others for this month) and put with clarity into a book together once they’re all done. 

More on these characters available on Patreon!


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