Sunday Gnomedays 7-12-20


Time again, with “Tock the Gnome” Regency-AU-style 🌷

I’ve been reading Georgette Heyer’s “Charity Girl” for some self care lately, and while my hopes for queer romance in it are sure to be dashed, it is very fun, and I ended up drawing this (quite self-indulgently after the challenge of going back to my day job). So, very non-canon, but hope it charms you anyway!

And for these two loves in the canon setting of the comic, check out my Patreon (also free to read on Webtoon, deviantArt, Facebook, here on WordPress and on ComicFury).


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Sunday Gnomedays 7-5-20


Time again ⚙ With a “Tock the Gnome” style Gnomish Boarding House landlady, in honor/attempted embracement of the fact that I started back at my day job recently (hospitality). While my creative energy has indeed been impacted, I am grateful for the opportunities it affords me to help people and make their visit to the area I live (which is magic) more enjoyable, or at least smoother.

From :

“From Gamber’s excellent historical study:

[,,,]  if the nineteenth century was the golden age of the bourgeois home, it was also the age of the boarding house. In cities and many towns, people of all classes were at least as likely to live in boarding houses as in homes. What historians call the market revolution, a series of related developments that included the expansion of commercial agriculture, the beginnings of industrialization, the emergence of a working class dependent on wages, the rise of a salaried white-collar middle class, and massive urban growth, could never have been accomplished without boardinghouses and the labor of those who kept them. (Gamber)”

This is also Tock-themed specifically because this week’s Webtoon update will be bonus-art based, due to the fact that I’ve caught up to the current pages there! She will serve as a header image for that explanation (and I dearly hope that my readers there are as patient as those on my other platforms, including this one).

And don’t worry, she’s a kindly landlady who runs a very decent, well-kept Boarding House.


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Junefae 2020 the thirtieth ~ Tock is Pride 2020


Ta da!!! Tock is always Pride, and especially this month – Black Lives Matter, and Trans Lives Matter 🖤

These images, individually, will also be serving as new tier images for my Patreon. You can see them here (anyone who’s visited my page in the last couple of days will have seen these early!).

Thank you for an amazing month, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed every bit of whimsy each day – and carry justice and Faerie Love forward, no matter what month it is!


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Junefae 2020 the twenty-eighth ~ Sunday Gnomedays 6-28-20


Featuring a new Gnomish lady for “The Chronicles of Dru,” and her love Terry the Bairdy (Bird-fairy!), created by Raye Steinman (GrimReapette) and originally illustrated by Dr. Jaclyn Weber (DrMistyTang).

I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to the world of Dru before, and in reading “The Sunlit Crypts” and meeting Terry through the antics of the main characters, I couldn’t resist coming up with a Gnome girlfriend for her! Misty and Grim (and DrZime and ratscout!) were kind enough to oblige me, even to the point that she will actually appear in the next chapter of the story!


Thank you Grim, and all of you in charge of the world of Dru!

As for details on this Gnome – her name is Tuney (a nickname, but it stuck). She is an aspiring Bard who is terrible at music, but tries anyway. The nature of her trying – and the noise it caused, calling attention to her hidden village – led her community to suggest that she ply her craft elsewhere. Which led to her choosing to travel in search of her Bardic destiny, which led to her landing in Elf’s Port, which led to her meeting Terry, which led to them falling in love ❤

I am so flattered that she’s being brought even more into the Dru canon, and can’t wait to see where the story takes her!

And if you haven’t checked “The Chronicles of Dru” out yet, click here!


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Junefae 2020 the twenty-first ~ Sunday Gnomedays 6-21-20


Happy Father’s Day, too!! – to tie that in, I imagine that after the start of a solid, beautiful romance, these two adopt many children.

If you’re celebrating today, may you feel honored and blessed!

(Full disclosure – the Gnome on the left is fanart of the Farmstead Nisse from Johan Egerkrans’ “Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Scandinavian Folklore.” He is on the cover, and he looks SO grumpy. I had to give him a Love ❤ )


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Junefae 2020 the twentieth ~ Blessed Solstice


With my beloved Mother Sigyn, Goddess of constancy and quiet mountain-strength, and Her beloved Loki, ever-changeable trickster Deity of mischief and deep wisdom.

As fae – Sigyn as a Gnome woman, since the Rien Poortvliet/Wil Hyugen style of Gnomes place Gnome women VERY much in Her domain, and Loki as something impish (as I hope They’d appreciate!).

Though darkness approaches, crawling nearer and nearer (as it is never really gone), may we celebrate the joy and brightness in our lives – and keep to that which sustains us.

May we reach out to one another, always, in Love and the fight for our Truth.


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Junefae 2020 the fourteenth ~ Sunday Gnomedays 6-14-20


Gnomes forever ❤

This was actually drawn during the beginning of social distancing/quarantine – as I attended more and more Zoom meetings, I realized I was making this face a lot. I’m not sure if that was true before, but it certainly is now. For awkwardly better or worse.

I imagine the fae themselves are making similar faces at us, a lot of the time.


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Junefae 2020 the twelfth


And Fanart Friday, with more of Dreamworks’ Trolls – this time, with a Poortvliet-style Gnome friend! Though that iteration of Gnomes are at odds with Trolls (… put it lightly), I am sure they’d get along very well with this kind!

Also, the nature of Trolls from these books, “David the Gnome,” etc. is part of the reason why I consider Bergen Troll-kin, as I said in my drawing of Poppy.

So perhaps we can hope that the Poortvliet-Gnomes (Poort-Gnomes?) will see their Trolls evolve, eventually, into a more Bergen-like culture, and from there branch out to know other Troll forms and know them all, someday, as friends instead of foes.

(And I’m NOT just saying that because in “Tock the Gnome,” I draw visual parallels between a certain other race and Troll-kind. Nope. Not at all.)


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