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Happy slightly-belated May Day, everyone! By the Love of the Lady and the Lord, may the Earth flower ~~<3

Featuring Gnomish Hades and Persephone at the bottom, but they couldn’t be the main couple here because they’re technically separated this time of year (so instead, we get some sapphic “Lord” and Lady smooches). Still, I had to include them, since they are one of my most beloved representations of the God and Goddess.

This one was very fun to do. Hope your day was lovely, everyone, no matter what you celebrate.

For more of Gnomish Hades and Persephone, click here!


Something random from a while ago that took some time to finish itself up in my inspiration. If that makes sense.

There is something going on with the tea the Gnome and Troll are drinking, and the Elf’s meditation, I think. All connected. I just don’t know what it is.


Some DnD nostalgia. Happy Sigh.

(She was a Bard/Virtuoso in a post-apocolyptic modernish setting, who became a Goddess. She was/is amazing.)


As the title says. Welcome, Spring❤


Happy Leap Day, everyone!

Since faeries love the in-between times, what better day (and night!) to seek them out than a literal in-between time that only happens once a year?

Sketch featuring Tock of Tock the Gnome, of course.


Commission for VersusMe101 on deviantART, of his lovely Gnomish lady Judeli, having a wardrobe issue that I am all too familiar with ^^;


As it says, Blessed Yule/Solstice to all (and Happy Holidays too)!

Thus ends my sketch series of Badgerfolk and the Sabbats. I really enjoyed doing these, and I hope you enjoyed them too. Aaaaaand as you might have gathered, next year will be Gnomes😀

Bonus ice lantern:



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