As it says, Blessed Yule/Solstice to all (and Happy Holidays too)!

Thus ends my sketch series of Badgerfolk and the Sabbats. I really enjoyed doing these, and I hope you enjoyed them too. Aaaaaand as you might have gathered, next year will be Gnomes :D

Bonus ice lantern:



"Deer Encounter," pencil sketch

A few mornings ago, I woke up early to try and include meditation in my morning routine (instead of fitting it in sometime later in the day), and had an unexpected experience.


Sketch, "Cross Pantheon Call," pencil on paper

Since I already have Hades and Persephone as Gnomes, it was only a matter of time before Athena showed up in this version of their mythology (she being a strong patron Goddess of mine since about the 6th grade…). And of course, me being me, she’s an Orc <3 I took some creative liberties with the helmet she usually wears, and I hope that comes across clearly.

Also, with my strong connection to owls even BEYOND Lady Athena, I also really enjoy Blodeuwedd from Welsh mythology. So it seems, that whenever any gods from other pantheons show up in these drawings, they’ll be in their animal forms (assuming they have those).

And this appear to take place before Persephone goes with Hades, so she’s still Kore here.

More Gnomish Persephone (and Hades) here.

"Mother's Heart, Father's Eyes," Tock the Gnome

Click image for full view :)

Something from Tock the Gnome for my parents for Mother’s and Father’s Days this year, featuring Tock and her own parents. I don’t get to show it too much in the comic but her parents are very important to her, and I wanted to do something for my own parents to show that, too. So here’s this until they get into the pages.

For information on Tock’s parents’ story, see here.

Pencil sketch, "Boxing Gnomes"

So I’ve gotten into boxing recently :) It is the best. Hitting things for fun, yes yes.

As such, I was inspired by this old photograph –…

I imagine these three are sisters, and the one on the left doesn’t quite get it yet.

Sketch, "Getting There," from Tock the Gnome

An account of my trip to NY Faerie Fest will be up soon, but for today, here’s a sketch of Tock and Onna from my project Tock the Gnome – as I got unexpected affirmation for my work with them during Faerie meditation this morning, and just love their faces in general.

Thank you for watching my work. So much gratitude ~ <3


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