Fanart Friday(ish) – Shreya in a Toph pose


Belated Fanart Friday time! I got to play World of Warcraft a little again this weekend, so here’s my monk Shreyatranqa in a classic Toph Bei Fong earthbending stance……because 💚

Greatly inspired by the Grand Avatar & Korra Rewatch I’m doing (….again), this time for research for a panel I’m on about both those series and diversity, at the end of September! More on that as it gets closer, and when it happens. So much studying, but I’m very excited and learning so much already.


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Sunday Gnomedays 3-4-18


Finding myself fighting my own negativity and abrasiveness today, and really really wanting Love to come in and take my weapons away.

(Also, this went through several different incarnations in my head before pencil hit paper, and I’m actually very surprised and happy with how it decided to be.)


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Thank you!

Sketch – Gnomish Devotional 1


Something from yesterday, in devotion to Gnomes, which call me more than anything else in Faerie.

Sometimes, really awful/insensitive/ridiculous depictions of these blessed folk make me very upset. This was mostly motivated in response to such a situation. I also miss “Gnomevember,” though, so I might make it a point to do more of these. Or, maybe, do one Gnome drawing a day. Like ‘Monday Gnomedays,’ or the like….

(Unfortunately no specific day rhymes with Gnome, so this will require some thought. Hmm.)