For my Minion-loving sister-in-law for the past holiday season and her birthday recently. It was originally just a lineart, but she asked me to finish it for the next gift-occasion, and now it lives in glory in this frame.

Gotta love these little guys, and unicorns in general.


For my mother-in-law this recent Yuletide. Things have been busy busy busy so anyone that got drawings, got lineart ^^;


For my boss, who is a very supportive and caring person. Based on a small ink design I did for a “Guest of the Day” drawing at the hotel I work at recently, that she really loved (I post those on my Instagram each weekend, btw).

Plus, pumpkin fae. How can one go wrong with that? πŸ™‚


A gift for a friend, to match another one I did for her a long time ago πŸ™‚ Very tiny drawing, maybe 2 by 2 inches, if that.

(Drawing small things is fun.)


A very belated sketch gift/commission/…thing? from years and years ago when I asked for financial help.

This is for Kristy Sunshine, who’s love for Discord from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” absolutely shines in her gallery. I did this sketch based on her own design of him.

Thanks so much for your help, Kristy ❀


Something quick I did for my mother’s birthday in December. She likes mooses (perhaps not as passionately as my mother-in-law loves bats, but still. Yay animal love. World needs more of that).