dElfcember day 26, ‘Tock the Gnome’ WBW 25


Prompt, “Ancient.”

So between this one and yesterday’s prompt of “Totem,” this week at “Tock the Gnome” we’re talking about the Elves and the nature of Faerie, and how that impacts their existence.

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Prompt list from @monicamarinhoart.


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Sunday Gnomedays 12-24-17


Time again!

Inspired by the non-snowy landscapes of winter (though we are getting some snow here tonight, it seems!).

Also dedicated in gratitude to “The Faerie Handbook” by Faerie Magazine, for including Gnomes in their section about different types of faeries – sometimes, we get ignored, and I am very glad this is not one of those times!

(And everyone go check out the book, it is *gorgeous*. Available here on their site and here on Amazon, as well as through many other retailers.)