As it says ❤


“Guardian of the Road,” for my Dad.


“Branch Haven,” for my father-in-law (he who makes all the lovely woodworking for my wife’s shop, btw – ).

Again, happy day to anyone celebrating it!


From yesterday.
Prompt – Gnome Home. 

This one as such because the forest, the Earth, is home to these earth spirits 🙂

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"Batties on Board," ink on paperFor my bat-loving Mother-in-law this past Mother’s Day 🙂

"Blessing the Forest," ink and pencil on paper

For my nature-loving Father-in-law this past Father’s Day.

"Tiny Spindle Thief," ink and colored pencil, 4x4 inches

For my Father in law this past Father’s Day.

He makes the spindles and other woodworked items for my Llady’s business and has a good respect for nature, so I ended up doing this…….and noticed a bit too late that the bird would be crazy tiny. But at that point I actually liked the idea, so it stayed as is.

4 by 4 inches, by the way, in ink and colored pencil.

Did you ever have one of those mornings that’s just unexpectedly spiritual?


That happened to me today, delightfully.


"A moment away," pencil sketch

Something that may or may not get finished up in needle felted form someday….

(Oh, by the way, I’ve taken up needle felting! You’ll see more of that soon.)