Time again. I have another idea in my thinky-thoughts that’s more related to my personal anniversary yesterday, but that’s taking it’s time getting on paper. So here’s some dancey Gnomish flower magic in the meantime.



Almost late, but Blessed Imbolc everyone 🌱🍃🌹

I wanted a break from doing fae-cultural specific Sabbat Sketches, so this year we’ll be focusing on Queen Persephone (who I’ve been blessedly drawn to lately) and Her cycle through the seasons with Her husband Hades and Her mother Demeter! I feel like it’s going to be a challenge, but I am quite excited and very pleased with this first drawing.

As for their cycle together, I believe right now that the King and Queen of the Underworld are enjoying one last sabbat together below, before Persephone returns to the world above, when spring fully blooms. 💗


Last one of 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you so all the likes and follows and lovely comments!

(And thank you, honestly, to “Trollhunters” for inspiring me to do this series! I don’t think I’ve said so before, but the treatment of Gnomes on that show is what got me to dedicate each Sunday to a more positive, spiritual new piece of Gnome art. I’m so glad I did, and I hope you all have been enjoying them too – and please do check out that show, Gnomes aside, it is a very fun story and does Trolls justice!)

Here’s to making next year even more Gnomish!


More Snow Queen work again!

This year’s production involves shadow puppetry, which I was lucky enough to get to design as well (and the frames for those puppets, too!). In order to expedite the process, the director filled in most of the space with black digitally, so in designing I filled those spaces with pencilwork to indicate what should be darkened, and what shouldn’t. Linework as usual kept the boundaries and finer details.

These are just a couple examples of the work I did for this section of the story – for more, check out the show 🙂  Click here for more information and tickets! I hope very much that you all get to enjoy it.

Prompt – Botanical 🌹

(In which a vague idea about a Gnome woman surrounded by roses led to me wondering about rose seeds, which led to this more abstract concept of a Gnome woman IN the earth, dreaming up the roses that will come from the seeds she guards. Yes.)

Full prompt list available at the Shop/Contact tab above.

Drawn for my Mama and my mother-in-law this day, Mother’s Day ❤


“A Mother’s Heart Inspires”


“Batcycle, with Flowers”

(Anytime there’s a bat involved, you can bet its for my Mom-in-law 😀 )

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there, of all and any kinds!

Not much art to speak of lately, but I’m in Georgia right now for my brother’s graduation and I had an opportunity to reach out to the Fae of this area a little bit.

We visited the Columbus Botanical Garden, and trying to be mindful, I took a moment to pause and introduce myself to the spirits there. A butterfly flew right at me immediately as I turned to enter. And the first flowers I saw were Fairy Roses.



I also was visited by a very curious bee as I continued through the gardens. I stopped and asked it politely to move on after it spent a few minutes circling me, explaining that I did not have anything for it. It did fly away then, but I might have seen it again later, as a couple bees were flying around and taking advantage of some shadier flowers. Here’s one of them below, just to make note, since they are so important and magical in and of themselves.


Hoping to continue my Faerie education, bit by bit 🙂