As I mentioned yesterday, I got to see it in theaters and I am so happy with how they did. I have been a fan of hers since at least 2004, so the existence of this movie is a really big deal to me. It did not disappoint.

To celebrate even more, here’s a history of my love for her in fanart.

Happy sigh.

As for what I thought of the film….

(I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. But expect some, hopefully vague ones.)



Okay, not an art post, and I haven’t said very much here (yet) about my spirituality – but that’s been informing my art a lot more as it becomes a stronger force in my life, so I guess this is me starting to talk about it.

As you might have gathered from my recent work (especially my sketchwork) Faerie is a big part of that. And being a big Disney fangirl, I saw “Maleficent” a couple days ago.


( image from )

I was quite impressed, and I’d like to talk about how they handled Faerie Lore in the movie.

Spoilers follow.