Gnome Wings update

Question – If Gnomes are faeries too, where did their wings go?

Answer – They fluttered off to bless others even more!

More of theeeeeeeese as a Sunday Gnomedays bonus ❤ Two of them, having been shared already, with the others created for that awesome steampunk festival I vended at last year.


Gnome Heart, an earthen faerie friend for calm comfort.

Available for purchase!


Peace Key, a spirit to unlock hidden wishes and inspire calming productivity.

Available for purchase!


Lady Absinthe, a steampunk faerie spirit to inspire dreams and release inhibitions.

Available for purchase!


Key Keeper Green, a friend to carry secrets safely to trusting ears and hearts.



Key Keeper Blue, a friend to hold secrets, beauty and faith.

Available for purchase!


Carnosmia, a “Tock the Gnome” inspired set of wings, balancing creativity and protection.



Tea Key, a small faerie friend keeping secrets in warmth.



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Sunday Gnomedays 2-16-20


Something a bit random, but I’m pleased with it, especially the motion in her arms.

Let’s all have a day of star-filled bubbles, shall we?

Stay tuned later for an extra (overdue) Sunday Gnomedays post. Aaaaaaand a note for “Tock the Gnome” fans – more WIP on the next page will be up on Patreon later today! Hope you take a look 💚


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Sunday Gnomedays 2-9-20


Featuring a drawing I technically did last year, but hadn’t gotten to share yet (if I’m wrong about that, I deeply apologize!).

This was supposed to evoke Queen Arella of “Tock the Gnome” backstory, in a moment of nature and healing, paired with the strength of stones. 2020’s been more of a stumble than a dance for me so far, as most winters are, but I am grateful to be moving forward regardless of my level of grace.

Also, a small announcement – there will be no “Tock the Gnome” World Building Wednesday this week, as I work toward a commission deadline. WIPs on the next page will still be posted as often as possible, and existing bonuses are always available on Patreon. Thanks for your patience, dear readers ❤


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Sunday Gnomedays 2-2-20


Beeeeeeeelatedly. I am beginning February much like a dizzy albatross trying to take off.

I’m having a lot of trouble holding everything together this week in general, everyone, so I’m grateful for your patient enjoyment of my work, that we’re all flawed beings doing the best we can to hold things down, and grateful that I got to draw this Gnome and bird despite all the chaos and struggle. I’m glad, too, that every day I have another shot at doing better – and it’s true, always always always, that if you don’t give up, you can still win (winning just might not look like you expected 😅).


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Sunday Gnomedays 1-19-20


A bit belatedly due to life’s demands this weekend, but here we are!

Floofy sheep in honor of my amazing Llove Llady Llama, as they vended at Vogue Knitting Live! this past weekend.

(They’re coming home today, AND it’s our 16 year dating anniversary, so I am just…..yay 💗 I feel very blessed that they’re still with me. Here’s a flashback to art of our most self-representative characters in my comic, in celebration!)

(I now highly recommend drawing floofsome hugs when you miss someone, btw.)

And since this Gnome is clearly “Tock the Gnome” framed, I think that little sheep got lost within the Gnomish cities, somehow, and this noble Gnome is bringing them back to the farms on the surface. Noble Gnomes don’t get to interact with the life above very much, so I’m pleased she looks so lovingly comforted by the task! (More on the Gnomes of Tock’s world always available on Patreon, of course!)

Hope you all had a really lovely Sunday, and a really lovely day today! 🐏💕


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